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"A convenient, nice town."

We've lived in Pimpama since Nov 2018 and I personally it's a great, thriving place. There are 2 malls, pimpama junction and pimpama city. Both are clean, and nice places to shop. Both Pimpama State Secondary College and Pimpama State Primary College are great schools, never once had any problems. The street we are on has had zero criminal activity since being here, that I know of. I can't fault pimpama on anything. It has what we need, traffic is what you'd expect with this population. They're building a new school on yawalpah road, and a police and fire station too. Some areas I'd avoid Greenwich ave, Dixon Dr, William boulevard.

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Hi Danal...thanks for your comments...very helpful....I am planning to buy land at pimpama village new state but not too sure . Currently living at Ormeau hills.
Do you think Pimpama is a safe place? Too many rentals?...why we would need to avoid the areas you mentioned before? Which area do you live?


Yeah I think it is safe. I'd avoid these areas to live because these are the ones that pop on local facebook groups the most with having suspicious activity. But if you're sensible and lock your cars and keep valuables inside I don't think you'd have a problem. I live down by sunstone ave.

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