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ADSL2+ is not available. The nearest exchange is Pendle Hill. No ports are available for internet - and if you are lucky to get one, it will be super slow ADSL1 (not 2+). No cables/telecommunications infrastructure was applied before buildings went up. There is no option for the suburb to expand. It will forever live in the dark ages.


I think ADSL2+ is available in some areas of Pemulwuy. Even so, I am stuck on ADSL1 and its quite fast - faster than alot of other people's ADSL2+ internet.


ADSL2+ or cable internet is still not available. It took me a few months to get an ADSL1 connection. For ADSL1, it does seem to be quite fast though and faster than many "supposed" ADSL2+ in Greystanes. Still frustrating though a new suburb would not be precabled with fibre to the home.

There is always an option to expand the telecommunications infrastructure. It is just a matter of who pays for it. It would have been cheaper if the developer did it properly before buildings went in.

I received a letter from Stephen Conroy a couple of weeks ago informing us the Pemuwluy is earmarked for NBN in the next few months, which will no doubt improve internet availability within the area.


I got ADSL as soon as I moved in 3 years ago with Telstra.. it is as fast as Optus ADSL 2+ so really have no idea what the problem is. NBN will be coming here as cag2611 said. And if this is the dark ages then I am happy to stay in the past.


ADSL2+ is now available in Pemulwuy

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