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"It WAS good"

Everyone knows that Mansfield's schools are good, so that is a plus point for the area. I have been in Mansfield for over 10 years and it has changed. My house has been graffitied (2012), broken into (2019) and vandalised (2020). Transport is good and it has good access to the highways, shops and parks. I had to add extra security at great cost to feel safe. If you are going to move here, full secure fencing, full security screens and alarms are a must. I want out!


Which area of Mansfield are you talking about


Near the tavern


Update: I moved to a nearby suburb, my Mansfield house is now an investment property and suffered more vandalism in 2021.


Sorry to hear about the vandalism, I have never heard of this in Mansfield before, however anywhere near Wecker Road is a bit rougher than the nicer streets further in since it is across from a semi-industrial area. The Tavern is eventually going to be knocked down and replaced with the Wecker Road Markets shops I believe. I think the project was delayed due to COVID. This might remove the issues caused by the tavern! All the best

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