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West Pennant Hills

"Good for retirement"

Having lived in West Pennant Hills for 6 years, I can now say it wasn't the best 6 years of my life.
If you work in the city or use public transport like myself then be prepared for up to 4 hours travelling time a day plus your 9-10 hours work time. A total of 13 - 14 hours of your day gone, and weekends are for washing, cleaning and gardening. Social life? What social life???

Not great for

  • Traffic
  • Transport

Who lives here?

  • Retirees

hmmm...I also live in West Pennant Hills. I work in the city. 10min walk to bus stop, then 25-45min bus ride to Wynyard (depending on how busy roads are). I can assure you that 35 mins is the average in the morning for me and I get the 07:05 bus. This is a far shout from the "up to 4 hours" listed above.....I am not saying that this travel type is great - just that I usually spend no more than 60-90 mins per day total travel time (there and back).


i total agree with Hillsbuilder, the hill bus is not bad at all. traffic is totally acceptable. it takes about 1 hour maximum to get to wynyard in the morning and doesn't happen that offen.


+ 1 for hillsbuilder and Kaej. I don't have any transport issues .. 4 hours a day! you must be kidding.

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