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"Far better than most Western suburbs"

I never thought I would consider living at Pemulwuy. For browsers this is a newish suburb 10 minutes west of Parramatta and not to be confused with the new Pemulwuy project at Redfern, another blunder by land & environment allowing two names in the same greater city. Proximity to surrounding suburbs, Greystanes is one place you could easily forget about but the people are really nice. Merrylands, I even lived there for 10 years and hence a move far enough away from it not to hear the crack of a rifle, or I should say ouzzi. Well, that's how we spell it here in Australia but its actually Uzi after Uzi Gal, the Israeli armaments expert who invented them. I have a certain respect for the man as it was necessary for me to use them when growing up, but fortunately only at targets. Merrylands has exponential interest over the last 20 years by one particular culture, but now even greater because Stockland spent $120 Mill to upgrade its shops. The shootings in that area are all about one group against another who hate each other purely as the wannabe crime kings, although some of the street assaults in and around are just a poor sign of demographically deranged mongrels with 55 IQ's. Not a worry for Pemulwuy though as a .303 calibre won't make it that far, so the trick is to only visit Merrylands during the day....having said that, hang tight onto your shoulder bag when walking side streets, I have seen what can happen. What brings greater domination of crime to a suburb??? trains. Pemulwuy doesn't have one for some distance and anyone driving or walking about can be spotted in two seconds as not fit for the area. I do not exaggerate about train travel crime, just ask anyone up and down the upper north shore train line and all the crime comes either off the trains or from stolen vehicles travelling specifically to target the more affluent suburbs. Again, I can vouch for this behaviour as have confronted many visitors who have 'intent". Pemulwuy seems to be a community of spirited peaceful cultures, stopping at the mall, sorry "Marketplace" which is a nice touch. Once I get a chance to advise the management there of correct and appropriate traffic and pedestrian management it will be safe and convenient. Notice I didn't mention north of Pemulwuy as Pendle Hill and whatever it is that lies over that way is just not worth the fuel to go there and to the south as Smithfield is a cluster of clad, south coast holiday homes quite obvious people who are too lazy to turn a tap on to feed water to what dying weeds they have left.

Great for

  • Peaceful and quiet
  • Safe and green
  • Great walking paths
  • Purely residential
  • Clean!

Not great for

  • More public transport is required, no buses after 8:30 until 9 (during peak hours) for parramatta.
  • More shops needs to be opened.
  • Too many units have been built, High density area

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Hipsters
  • Students
  • Trendy & Stylish
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