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"Thatll wake up Banksia"

What will wake you up if you live in Banksia? The planes, flying so low you can read the engine numbers.

It actually depends where you live in Banksia. If you're the up side of Princes Highway, with your back to Bardwell Valley etc, you're OK. If you're on the down side, buy earplugs. On the plus side, the government introduced a home insulation scheme (uh oh, sound familar? it's OK, this one wasn't toxic, and no-one died as far as I know) , so ceiling insulation, double-glazed windows, reverse style air con and heating, became the norm for homes closest to the airport. Ups the value of the properties as well.

Banksia is bereft of shopping. Go to Rockdale. There are local shops and a good Lebanese bakery opposite the railway station. On the other side of Princes Highway, you may find the occasional corner store. The old fashioned kind that thrived before the supermarket giants killed off competition.

I have some friends living in Banksia, all with families, and they have great neighbourly spirit in their street, street parties, BBQs and all that.

Banksia is handy to other places, but doesn't have many facilities.

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Hi helen,
are you able to provide more information about the aircraft noise in banksia, i'm from victoria looking to purchase a house in banksia, NSW on judd st.


It depends on which side of the railway line you live. If you live the airport side, then you will want the home to have the government-sponsored insulation of double-glazed windows, reverse cycle aircon, batts in the ceiling etc. Even that won't compensate for the most intense noise. Our lightshades rattled regardless and the noise still woke us up. I would investigate which streets are exactly under the flightpath. Some are: Chestnut Drive, Tamarix Cres, Tabrett St, Farr St. Go there when the planes are flying overhead and do not, I repeat do not, believe a word of what real estate agents tell you about noise. If you're on the other side of the railway line, and this means you'll also be the other side of Princes Hwy, (eg Kimpton St) you will find it much quieter. The plane noise can still be heard but it's not disruptive. I hope that helps. HelenaT


You should be relatively ok on Judd St. I live on a few streets away on Godfrey Street and the noise although can be heard is not as bad as on the other side of the Princess Hwy. Plus there's shift loading so you won't get the planes all the time.


Can you tell me how Cameron Street is for Noice please


Hi there, I was looking at moving into the area, and was wondering what the plane noise is like on Gibbes St? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi there, Gibbes street is wonderful, very quiet when there are no planes and the noise is fine when you are indoors thanks to the double glazing and ducted aircon.


Hi all. Not sure if this conversation is still being monitored. But we are looking to buy a house on Lynwen crescent and wondered what the plane noise was like? Thanks in advance

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Ramsgate Beach

"Has potential"

The only reviews so far are from real estate agents, who of course are going to talk the place up, and who believes a word of what they say anyway? Their credibility rating is below that of politicians.

Ramsgate Beach is a lovely beach - it's part of that long white stretch of sand from Brighton around to Dolls Point - and it's a great place to swim, picnic and walk and for kids to play. That's the best part about Ramsgate. 10 out of 10 for that.

Ramsgate has beautiful gum trees and a prolific native bird population. Big plus for that.

The busy streets - Rocky Pt Rd, Ramsgate Rd, Chuter Ave and the coast road, are really busy and noisy. Otherwise Ramsgate has many quiet streets.

Housing standards vary enormously. There are old fibro free-standing homes, ugly 60s-style apartment buildings, blocks of retirement villas, and an increasing number of McMansions.

Lots of retirees live here. Five minutes at the local shops will show you that. Ramsgate is sometimes called pensioner peninsula.

We've had a friendly neighbourhood experience, and a very unfriendly neighbourhood experience. A lot of elderly people stick to themselves, which doesn't make Ramsgate feel friendly or connected.

There's some eclectic retail shopping on Rocky Pt Rd, the boutiques are European concepts and very good.

Overall, Ramsgate has potential. But a vibrant community, it isn't.

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  • Retirees

You are entitled to your opinion as am i, your obscene generalisation about real estate agents I take offence to.
I think that if you don’t rate the suburb very well you should sell, or are you only renting?


It is great to see that we have opinions and this comment section firing. Someone has to start it.

Opinions, are great be it positive or not so positive, they are what they are. Each with their own outlook and own opinion and there will be thousands of different opinions for every discussion. that is what makes "THE BUZZ"

Each person I see through an open house has their own opinion. Too small, too big, to old and even too new. OPINIONS.

Yes, you also see the positives of this area by your own points about the beaches, parks, birds and the trees, your positive points are also seen by many about the beauty of this area, that is why they live here, including the local Village shopping centre where yes many people go to shop and to meet over a cup of coffee, lunch, bingo at Ramsgate RSL club, a drink with friends.

Its all here.

Greet a person with a smile and I am sure you will see a smile come back.

Your other observation about this suburb with a mixture of residences, yes, this is what makes this suburb a diverse place to be and opportunity to live by the bay in an apartment, a villa, a house, a duplex, a townhouse, where you can go to the shops, to the parks, to the beaches. and even build a McMansion.

Its all here and its all positive and that my fellow local resident, is my opinion.

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