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Banksia Grove

"Our experience of Banksia Grove from 2008 to January 2012"

Was lovely when we moved in - 2008, however too many Bogans living here now. They stand out a mile, barking dog, noisy car/s, noisy kids and loud music, not just loud but extreme bass levels which reverberate throughout the house. They also have their bogan friends over hence conversation is extremely loud with every other word beginning with 'f' and ending in 'k'!
Personally I love our house, we have landscaped it to our desire, take a pride in it and find the location great for the beach, work, shops etc. but its typical of a few people spoiling it for the rest of us. Our street used to be lovely and quiet, however it is now used as a short cut for the tenants living on Sundowner Meander and the traffic noise has increased hugely also many of the drivers speed up and down this small road. I did contact the shire and suggest it be made into a one way street, but this was not considered.
Shame because the potential was there and although where we live is hugely more enticing than the old Banksia Grove, I still like it, just need to drop a bomb on some of the residents! Oh yes, when we purchased the land, we bought it as 'Carramar' and then later down the line it was changed to 'Banksia Grove', funny that!

Great for

  • Nosy neighbours which is good because they also keep a look out on your house!

Not great for

  • Once some of the original tenants move out, I can only dread to think what kind of tenants move in because at the moment we have some pretty good people in our street, except for one adjacent neighbour!

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Trendy & Stylish

Thanks for this answer, I found it very helpful. My fiance and I are looking at these areas to buy and werent sure about Banksia grove. We are looking at houses in Sundowner Meander, there seems to be lots for sale on this street (4 at the moment). Im unsure whether to buy or not as it is hard to guage what the street is like by just driving past. We were told by the real estate that this part of Banksia is a private estate (from tumbleweed to pinjar rd?) Is this true? He also told us about when the land was released as 'carramar' but then became Banksia grove. I thought that was quite rude!


Hi clairenjosh.
No, there are no private estates on Banksia Grove and we live on the new part - Delamare Park, definately not private! We also back onto Sundowner Meander. This is a large road that runs around the edge of Delamare Park, hence we suffer with a lot of the traffic cutting up through our road to Sundowner at the top. I don't know what its like to live there but we like it where we are apart from the bogan next door, but we've always had a problem with him since his partner left him. I guess you will always get one anyway and nothing the Shire has not managed to control. Don't like the fact that you have been told that the area is private though, reminds me of when we bought the block and initially it was Carramar! Anyway, any further questions, please ask, and good luck!


Good news, our friends own a home in Banksia Grove and have just moved back there and kicked out their bogan tenants. So one less bogan and one more Ranga. My sister in law owns a house there too and loves it.


Hi JayMJay - I've just came across this post which looks like it may have been from a while ago but just wanted to clarify something as I am a Real Estate agent that specialises in selling in Banksia Grove over the last 4 years. I also am of the understanding that Delamare park is a Privatised estate and possibly am even the agent that Clairenjosh was referring to in their post. I pride myself on being very honest with both buyers and sellers in my job as I understand there are a lot in my Industry that will say anything to get a sale, which really bugs me. So I just wanted to know what you were referring to when you mentioned that Delamare park was definitely not Private?

After researching ownership information and speaking with the City Of Wanneroo many years ago, it was, and still is my understanding that this area known as Delamare Park (excluding the area right near the Little Deli on Tumbleweed (i.e. Thicket Cct, Tree Crt, Brake Crt and part of Tussock Elb) is private, meaning that the ownership of the homes are owned by private buyers. Some are shared equity where the government owns a small percentage but this is simply through govt assistance schemes where the private owner still owns 70% or more of the home. This basically means that there are no fully owned government housing (aka Homes West) properties in this area. Obviously there are still investors who buy and place tenants in the houses which unfortunately is luck of the draw with who you get as neighbours. So by comparison to the rest of the suburb which has an average of between 1 in 10 to 1 in 12 homes assigned to State Housing, the Delamare Park area is privatised.

I really just wanted to clear that up and see what you meant not private as I truly don't want to be giving out false or seemingly incorrect information. Thanks for your time :)

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