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Mount Annan

"Mt Annan - AKA Wedgedale. Great if you love fast food and no yard"

Once you battle the traffic along Narellan Road and finally get to Mt Annan, the first thing you will notice is all the fast food outlets. The usual graffiti is filling the small amount of parks. Don't even try to get a taxi in this area, they don't show up! Public transport to Mt Annan is also a nightmare. Schools are great if you don't mind 900+ students, terrible Naplan results and plenty of demountables. I couldn't wait to move out of the place.

Great for

  • Botanical Gardens

Not great for

  • Bad traffic along Narellan Road
  • Too many fast food outlets, tacky!
  • Schools are over populated

In relation to schools, the public school in mount annan is horrible. If you don't mind paying, there are nearby private schools that have a great reputation. I know this because I went to a private primary and high school.

I see bus stops everywhere in Mount Annan, and usually constant busses coming every 20 - 30 minutes.

Although, agreed, Narellan Road traffic is horrible. But has improved since two years ago.


Hi there, could you name me the good private schools please? We are thinking of moving into the area. We have 2 young girls, 6 & 8. Thank you

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