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22nd March 2021

"Typical Australian Country Town"

Lived here my whole life. I cannot say its great but its not terrible either.
I've had a particularly hard time starting my life here and it is not the best place to be for youngsters wanting to achieve high (eg. Doctorates, Higher Education). The town has its Pros and has its Cons, I've outlined them below.

Pros include:
- Close to Melbourne
- Essentials are all centrally located
- Easy Highway Access
- People are friendly in the Good Parts of the town
- Only an hour from the beach for families.

Cons include:
- Quite a lot of riff raff for a country town, lots of bogans and troubled teenagers.
- Not very quiet in the evenings, especially on Fridays & Saturdays if you live close to Star Bar or Saloon.
- Heavily polluted from the local power stations and paper mill (the latter has a very distinctive smell that will make you not want to spend time outside).
- The local high school (Traralgon College) is notorious for troubled teenagers and bullying.
- Has a sizeable ghetto, similar to neighbouring Morwell, Moe and Churchill.
- Crime rate can be high at times.

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