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"Capital Growth and great rental returns!"

Bowen is a beautiful coastal town in the Whitsundays. It is a 50 minute drive from Airlie Beach and Proserpine Airport. Bowen has 9 beautiful beaches and it doesn't matter where the wind is blowing from, there is always a beach that is protected from the wind. As you wade into the beautiful blue water you can snorkel around the fringing reef with beautiful coral and tropical fish. The beaches are ideal for swimming, families but there is no surf.

I have been buying in Bowen for 6 years. I have purchased in the vicinity of 40 properties for myself, family and clients. The rental returns are generally around 5% however the new type of townhouses are achieving 6% - 6.5%. Most properties we bought in the first 4 years have doubled in value and the newer ones have achieved approx 20% growth.

It has been forcasted that the population will increase from approx 8000 people to 30,000 people in the next 10 years. The QLD government are committed to expanding the Abboott Point port to include 4 extra coal crushing and loading docks, they are expanidng the port to add 8 extra docks for general cargo and the Abbott Point area has been designated to expand into a commercial and industrial area. They are bringing water in from the Burdekin and have nearly completed the extra electricty expansion for the industrial area. There is also a 429km rail line being constructed grom the Gooniyalla Basin to Abbott Point. BHP, Hancock Coal and Clive Palmer are building extra crushing and loading facilities at Abbottos Point. There is also a 500 berth marina approved with apartments, townhouses, offices & shops. They are just waiting for the building to commence.

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Hi Karin1, I would be really interested if you could give an updated opinion of Bowen, 5yrs on from your original post. I have just started looking at Bowen as a possible IP/future retirement location and it would be fantastic to hear any insights you have. :)


Yes, I would like to see an updated report too of Bowen, please. Sounds like a terrific place....


Don't believe the real estate agent like BS. Bowen is a beautiful place to live everything is close, weather is fantastic, beaches are beautiful and plentyful, and no stress. But, nothing is ever going to happen here. When I was 18 we were waiting for Comalco to come - I'm 51 now and nothing has happened. Do your research, heaps of vacant rentals, there will be about 300 when the fruit season ends. They pack about 10 people into a 3 or 4 bedroom house and it gets wrecked. Investment properties purchased for $450,000 now on the market for $375,000. A lot of people getting their fingers burnt. I love the place but it's the last place on earth I would be investing in.


You are wrong very wrong
Ask the people from Victoria
And N.S.W. And the World
safe from that 19 Covid
Property gain with Bowen property's Just Ask local's
Or Real estate agents the amount of property's sold in the Last 8 months from July 2021 just look on the internet
No Rentals available that's
Bowen the next Bryon Bay
Of Queensland.
Robert. I have two properties
in Bowen rented an out
I.am. happy very happy.


So Id like to know would it be safe to buy an investment property in Bowen? Or do someone have any better ideas as to where would be better. I wouldve liked Karin to answer a few of the questions above

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