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"Eastlakes / Mascot area. Think twice."

I have been living in Eastlakes for going on 4 years now. My first 3 years it was acceptable, I mean the housing prices around the area are very affordable and eastlakes is centrally located. This is just about where the good stops. Last year sydney airport changed their flight paths and now for 16 hours a day, non-stop flights take off directly over eastlakes. It's not just a little. Imagine large jumbo jets taking off and doing full throttle DIRECTLY over your house and one after another after another. This is the case if you live in Eastlakes/Mascot area. I mean don't get me wrong, i can handle the occasional aircraft even if it directly throttleing over. But the noise and number of aircraft is just unimaginable. Especailly when you can't even hear yourself on the phone or even think and this is with all the windows CLOSED! I count on average between 100-200 aircrafter PER DAY flying directly over Eastlakes and thats being conservative. There are times i lose count. As for other things, the place isn't all that safe, with cars getting broken into and bikes getting stolen by the rogue teenage kids around. The neighborhood is not well kept either with people leaving all kinds of things on the side of the road and the city delays usally 2-4 weeks picking it up because the rubbish collectors simply leave it there. The shops are little, the woolworths down the street has substandard produce, no gyms within walking/running distance. Parkings ok, internet accesss is good, but thats it. As for me, its time to move. Hey you want to buy my house? I could compensate all the other stuff vs the price, but the airport noise is unbearable. I can't stand eastlakes anymore and i'm writting this to save other people the hassle! Think twice (maybe even 10 times) before you consider Eastlakes / Mascot area. Better yet, just spend a night in the area and you'll see (and definately hear) what im talking about.

Great for

  • Cheap price
  • Centrally located
  • Fast internet

Not great for

  • Airplane noise = PURE HELL
  • Neighborhood is not safe, lots of theft.
  • Not quite, & side so the road dirty with items left out

I totally endorse your comments, and your comments are exactly why we moved out of the area.


Are you selling? what street do you live in?


anyone reading this should look into it properly, not only are there strict curfews on flights there is also a FLIGHT SHARING PLAN these days, i live right under the flight path and have had 2 newborns raised without them waking up once from flight noise, also with the flight sharing now you often will not have ANY flights for days or weeks at a time. Judge carefully for yourself, as my family would see it as non-issue others like above have been "living in hell" so do your research and stake out your desired street on different days, you will see some days hard to find a plane flying by at all, other times yes they will fly by every 5 minutes for an afternoon.

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