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Tin Can Bay

"Overpriced Realestate"

Rental prices are low, but sale prices grossly over valued given the location and lack of facilities in the area. Employment is all but none-existant with the main employers in the area being the Laminex Factory, Wollworths or smaller grocers who have reliable and long-term staff. Huge amounts for sale, properties look to be staying on the market for excessively long periods of time without chage in prices.

Long term residents are fantastic are friendly, there seems to be a very high turn over of "less pleasant" persons in the area though, the cost of living being a great deal lower than most country towns appears to attract those dependant on government handouts and not self-motivation.

Drugs whilst not obviously available are present and occassionally cause rows in rental properties (we lived next door to such persons)

Kids parks are lovely and maintained, BBQ facilities rarely work and its a really nice are for fishing - though persons setting crab-pots be wary that thefts are a nightly occurence and the police are powerless to intervene.

People seem incappable of controlling their pets (dogs) and they are often seen wandering without their owners.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Gee this is a harsh reflection on Tin Can Bay! Were you living in Cooloola Cove or TCB? Employment is hard to come by but Gympie is only 35 mins away!


agree with IkoDwyer.. for a start drugs are everywhere .. bad neighbours are everywhere.. issues with irresponsible pet owners are everywhere too.. I can gaurantee you where I live is much worse.. in the last 2 weeks we had a naked crack head riding a bike flashing his bits at kids, cars and houses graffitied, 2 stolen cars, broken beer bottles on the road, just tonight we had 2 drunk guys fighting on our front lawn and last night 2 you g guys doing a deal on our driveway next to our letter box, our neighbour is insane and tries to smash our windows because I asked her to reduce her dogs barking late at night and early mornings, we had to install a security camera system as the police dont want to know about it, our neighbour accross the road is a drug dealer who the police frequently watch..

rewind back about 3 months.. we had a guy arrested on our front lawn after throwing a bag of powder into our garden and our yard was searched at 3am to recover his stuff so they had evidence, there was a fight over ice back in june where a fella was shot and stabbed and then ran his car through the guys house and smacked him over the head with a base ball bat..

Tin can bay sounds like bloody paradise compared to where I am.. and where I am isnt exactly cheap either..

Not everyone on government payments is lacking motivation.. some people are just genuinely in need of help for a short or longer term.. or unable to work enough or at all due to medical complications and conditions etc... they arent all bad.. not every one has a perfect and normal life, some struggle more than others and why shouldnt they be entitled to some kind of help.. this is not a third world country and no one should be cold, hungry or homeless!


Very well said....People can be so narrow minded... I happen to live on a disability pension as I have a chronic auto immune disease...being ill isn't fun but what makes it far worse is continual judgement from others....I come from working people and I use to work fulltime before I developed health issues...


Well said beckelljess, I live on the Sunshine coast now but grew up in Melbourne in housing commission. It was hard, a tough upbringing and have seen a lot in my younger years living their where drugs and grievous crime was common place. I was in the thick of things but am now well on the other side of the fence. There are a lot of people that need help and their are plenty of people that will hang it on them to try and bring them down. Remember, the whingers are lonely and do so to bring you down to their level!! Stuff them all!
The reason I write this is I am in Tin Can at the moment and it truly is a lovely place. Trouble can be anywhere. But home is where you make it!

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