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"Counting down until we leave"

Pros: little traffic, even during "peak hour"; never more than 10 minutes from work (great if you have a young family); property prices reasonable; big backyards for growing families; large open spaces; fresh air; airport - well connected, flights to many different centres.

Cons: youth/indigenous crime/poor judicial response to same; isolation (Orange is 140+km away); no beaches; poor cafe culture/options; weather (Summers are too hot - hitting 40 degree days for weeks on end; Winters too cold - so you end up staying indoors for half the year); poor shopping options (although online shopping has been a saving grace); poor schooling options (most schools perform badly compared to the rest of the State); low standard daycare centres (avoid if you can!); sub-par medical facilities (even if you pay privately, good luck trying to get onto the books of a decent GP/specialist appointments involve months of wait time); very cliquey; lack of multiculturalism (although there is a growing Indian, Chinese population); high welfare-dependant demographic which is very visible and vocal (read: lots of swearing++); high crime rate (break and enters on the increase especially).

If Dubbo was a few hours east towards the Coast and had it a more multicultural element, it would be somewhat more inviting. As it is though, with its current demographic, and its extreme heat, it's quite intolerable. Personally, i am only residing here because it suits me for the time being, and with two young children, being so close to work is a godsend. Once my children are a little older, i will have no issue driving away, watching the 'city' of Dubbo getting smaller and smaller in my rear-view mirror.

Great for

  • No traffic
  • Realistic Real Estate values

Not great for

  • Can be a bit hot in December & January
  • Vandalism and Petty Crime
  • Clique Based/Unwelcoming

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Tourists
  • Country Lovers

Easy or hard to find a job for a Chinese

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