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I spent a few years here and there living in Melton as a kid, but moved away for around 15 years. I move back in a few weeks, and I have to say, Melton is underrated and it has lots to offer.
Theres ample shopping, great daycare choices, it's affordable, has great public transport, and is only 40 minutes to Melbourne. People who complain are being spoilt, because there is a lot more there than other towns, and it's close to everywhere else. I am happy to raise my kids here, and to live here for a long time to come.

Great for

  • Cost of Living.
  • Great Public Transport
  • Local facilities to suit all needs.
  • Resale Value.

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Students
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"I wish we never moved here."

When researching somewhere we could live, that was relatively close to my partner's work, it was either here, or Singleton. I wish now we had chosen Singleton.
First of all, when applying for rentals, we had a big runaround. When we finally got a home, our rent was exorbitant. We've never paid this much in rent before, and we're from the city.
There's a couple of "nicer" areas in Muswellbrook, but you will pay for it. (We are.)
Shops? One small shopping centre, that has a Big W, Woollies, and a couple of other small shops. There's a few shops in the main street, but if you try and venture out on a Saturday, forget it, everything is shut. Sunday too.
I don't even want to add up all the money we have spent in petrol driving to Mailtand or Newcastle to get things you just cannot get here.
The people, here, and I am talking about the locals, are very unwelcoming. Most are resentful to the mining families because of the money they earn, and will generally exclude you for not being a local.
The schools? Be prepared to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in school fees if you don't want to send them to the local, as the primary schools are zoned, and you don't get a choice sadly.
Our house has dust on everything, every day. It's endless.
There are no cinemas here, no entertainment whatsoever, and the parks, (there's two) are not appropriate to take young children to.
Be prepared to take two hour drives to Newcastle should you want to do anything entertaining.
Overall, this is one of those towns that people talk badly about, and avoid, and now I see why. We can't wait to move.

Not great for

  • Low socio-economic area
  • Dirty industrial town
  • Expensive to live
  • People aren't friendly

Who lives here?

  • Country Lovers

Dear MissyJane,
In so many words, and i speak for a group of ppl when i comment-"we also wish you had never moved here".
Maybe when you were researching somewhere to live- you should have typed 'fairyland' into your browser because that seems to be the only place you would be happy!
The rent is 'exorbitant' because people like yourself come to these towns only to gain a wage, not a lifestyle. I would much rather see the mines employ local people who have a love for this town, as i have!
Shops you say?? If you cant get enough from the local shops, which although minimal, have served the 20,000 happy muswellbrook locals for hundreds of years, have you ever thought of online shopping...? Just a thought to ease your frown & wallet- burning up your fuel & sparetime-which you probably dont have much of, considering you must work a full-time job to pay for the expensive schooling!!!
The locals are probably unwelcoming because if you voice your opinion as you have on here, they would be thinking the same as me...............if you are happy to live here, take locals livelihood & jobs, earn great money and still whinge about it- LEAVE!
In the meantime,take your time that your not shopping to dust your house, and maybe get out & mingle.............if you happen to come across some of the lovely, kind hearted, fun loving locals who are as passionate about this place as me & my family are- you may need to swallow your words!!


Well said Kim


I agree about the parks not being great for kids. The smaller country town we have moved to has no less than 4 child friendly parks all fenced to keep the kids contained and safe. Muswellbrook can't even provide 1 like that.


I agree MissyJane, the public housing people where I live and pay private rent have made my life miserable, despite me keeping myself to myself. Horrible, horrible, horrible bogans!


Thank you for these comments. You have helped me make the biggest decision of my life. MissyJane Good Luck.


This seem like a nasty thread!, only supporting some of the sentiment from its original author. MMM, I might rethink Muswellbrook as a good investment.


Yes, really prickly thread. I've been researching a few small towns/regional centres for investment/retirement purposes, and the common thread from the locals seems to be :"If you don't fit in with our 'culture', then we'll treat you like sh*t". A bit more understanding and self-reflection would be nice from the locals, and maybe not too much self-indulgence and a bit more "getting to know you" would be in order for newbies. Dust seems to be a problem...

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.