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One Mile

"One Mile is close to everything but people try to know your buisnes"

I have lived in One Mile for 7 years while the area is close to CBD the neighbourhood spirit could be better. Can't let kids play out in backyard without neighbour saying why are you playing out here. Can't talk to one lot of neighbours without another lot getting jealous. Get falsely accused by an unmedicated neighbour who constantly give insults when hubby is minding his own buisness. A lot of cats have been going missing from the area it appears that thier is a cat hater in the area as the cats just vanish don't even end up in the pound. Drug use is pretty common in the area if you don't do drugs you stand out . There are some friendly people around but unfortunatly it varies from street to street Fair street is one of the most unfriendly places I've lived at. The next street over is pretty quiet and was mostly ok. I would recommend One Mile for singles or retirees.

Great for

  • Central location with ease of access
  • Parks, Leafy streets, Golf Club, Swimming Centre
  • Local few office,chemist ,news agency,doctors,Iga.takeaway.

Not great for

  • Nosey nieghbours
  • Hoons
  • Drugs

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Retirees
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