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"Lots of space and fresh air, quiet and safe, but quite expensive."

Quiet and leafy, and plenty of reserves to explore on foot, bike or horseback, Lewiston is perfect for families who want space for kids to run around in, or for animal lovers who have horses or breeders who need space for larger setups. Lewiston is also zoned as animal husbandry.
Lewiston is located between Two Wells, Angle Vale and Gawler, with each offering schools, shops and entertainment, so there is ample choice for whatever it is you need. There are no public transport options available, but school buses for each town do cover Lewiston.
Lewiston's mobile and internet services have improved greatly in the last few years, and free-to-air tv has a clear reception.
Council rates are quite expensive, however, the council does very well in maintaining roads and looking after its ratepayers. It also should be noted there is no mains gas supply in Lewiston, and properties have standalone septic systems. Also from experience, Lewiston does not often have power blackouts, other than those caused by severe weather, but are very uncommon.
It can get quite hot in Lewiston during summer, and occaisionally (but very rarely) large dust storms roll in from the north as there is endless farmland in that direction.
Generally Lewiston is very quiet but occaisionally someone will be riding motorbikes or other noisy vehicles around the space in their backyards. Traffic is not usually a problem, although is very busy at peak periods either side of school time and the commuting.
If you can afford to live at Lewiston, it is a great place to be. Property values have steadily risen, and resale value is very good. A vacant lot of 2.5 acres starts around $200k, with established homes on them in the $400k+ range. Neighbours are far enough away to allow plenty of privacy, but still close enough to maintain good neighbourly contact.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids

200k for a few acres is cheap compared to angle vale ect.

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