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"Corinella - Victoria's Best Kept Secret !"

If you have ever wanted to live next to the sea in a beautiful natural setting, or wanted to take an early morning stroll along serene seaside walking tracks that go for miles and miles then slip your boat into calm clean ocean fed waters and just relax while you catch a snapper or a brace of whiting for breakfast and do all this just seconds from your front door and still only be about an hour and a halfs drive from Melbourne, then the Historic Town of Corinella is for you ! Corinella is truly Victoria's Best Kept Secret ! Come down and have a look and see for yourself, The Coastal views are amazing, the town has hardly been developed as its been overlooked for so many years as people just drive by on their way to Phillip Island looking for a coastal haven and don't realise they have just driven past the jewel of the Western Port region, Corinella enjoys a warmer average temperature due to being surrounded on three sides by the waters of Western Port bay, the warmer water temperature keeps the winters frosts away and keeps the climate in Corinella milder than the ocean facing Phillip Island. Corinella is a very large rural district beginning on the Bass Highway and reaching around the coast line from Queens Ferry road, and completely surrounding the small town of Tenby Point, and then stretching many kilometers of rural farmland down to Norsemans road at Coronet Bay, but finally culminating in the small township zoned area on the Peninsula of land that is where the Historic 1826 settled town of Corinella first began and the birthplace of Victoria. Corinella is almost the only place on Victoria's coastline that is not declared a risk from climate change, this is due to its higher elevation. If you want an unhurried lifestyle without compromising on normal township services and want to be surrounded by nature at it's best, Corinella is for you. Take a look at the tourist website for pictures at www visitcorinella . com

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