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"Happy to be here!"

As a 10 year resident, I have to agree with the majority of positive comments. We also came here from the inner north and bought half an acre and built a fantastic home that has great views, space, its quiet, with neighbours that you actually know. As the area is growing the government could provide better facilities such as a new school, a third entry from Vineyard rd, extra parking and even a real hospital not just a day hospital as the area from here to Macedon has grown and will continue to grow. But the city is an easy (offpeak) 30-35 mins via freeway so I in an emergency there is always the major metro hospitals. BTW, I am a degree qualified professional who works in the CBD, and travel in pretty much 4 - 5 days a week, via car/ motorbike and train. In peak hour allow approx one hour to get in/ out the city each way.

I agree with one of the unhappy posters that you do need to be aware about which area to move to. As the suburb is so large geographically, there are some parts of Sunbury which are definitely better than others. Just like you wouldn't move to Richmond's Housing commission flats, and complain about gangs and drugs, then be aware of area you move to. Its not hard to see the areas where people take pride in their homes, bigger lifestyle blocks etc vs those that really can't/ won't, don't and there are commission areas that you need to be aware of. In my 10 years, about the worst that I have had is mini bikes buzzing past, but it being a country/ city fringe suburb, I'm not surprised, apart from that, I have never had any problems and we see the police patrolling quite regularly. On occasion I have left my garage door open over night, leaving my tools, motorbikes, and bikes exposed and have not had anything taken!

The people of Sunbury aren't as ethnically diverse as other areas, mainly white/ anglo/ european background, but that is slowly changing as well as people find the area now its going to be on the metro rail. But as far as "bogans" goes, there are local people who like their tattoos, hotted up cars and motorbikes, piercings loud music, but again, please point me to a place that doesn't have them and send me a picture!!

I have been involved in the junior (and now senior) footy clubs in the area and now my son's friends are all 16/17/18 y/o boys and pretty much are good kids from good families. Yes there are kids who are so-so or bad, and you do see them around, like teenagers hanging around the train/ bus stops smoking, who would've thought....but please point me to one suburb where every teenager is a saint. And with 35,000 people living in the area, the actual numbers of crimes vs say Collingwood with 7,000 residents may be higher but on a % basis its pretty much normal. Every single suburb has crime, none are immune, the things is though, its generally laid back place and not "unsafe" and I have never been assaulted, or bothered, neither has anyone else in my family or our friends.

As far as the shopping goes, Sunbury covers 99% of your needs, supermarkets, butcher shops, target, Harris Scarfe, Dick Smith, Big W, Bunnings, movies, clothes etc, but if you need something else then Watergardens is 20 mins away. I didn't come for the restaurant scene, but all the basics are covered pretty well.

Its unfortunate that the poster who has made so many negative comments, but from my perspective, Sunbury has allowed us an affordable and comfortable lifestyle, that has meant I don't live with a financial noose around my neck, can send my kids to a half decent school and still have some $$ left to do things in life to enjoy.

Overall a nice place on the city/ country fringe that gives you some space, clean air and the ability to live a fairly comfortable life style.

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ZZnukebombZZ says "ps: I rest my case I had enough of loudly overtly opinionated Bogans in my short time in Sunbury and will not spend another second in a race to the bottom with this bogan nbeez." Do you actually read what you post? I have the one account and stand by what I said, the other posters who are bagging you make up their own mind and have their own opinion, but from where I sit, it looks pretty close to the mark.

I really enjoy your diatribes and how you judge me as uneducated and pathetic, living in a poor area, riddled with crime, drugs and no morality....then you say don't like name calling, however you spout it like you are a the "pissing boy" fountain....and I am the loud, opinionated bogan?...do you hear yourself? ...I'm glad this is the last time you will be posting......I will go back to my poor, pathetic, paid off home, jump in my pathetic pool and live in fear of people like you moving into the area....and then you wonder why your neighbours gave you hell? Really? Its not obvious? I bet it has lots to do with your endearing demeanour!


Your review is very helpful! Thank you. Do you know if Scott Street (next to Forrest Street reserve) is an ok area of Sunbury?


Ive been in Sunbury for 19 years and never had an issue with drugs or gangs or anything. Youre going to find idiots anywhere you live however I dont see them. Maybe theyre quiet idiots!!! I absolutely love it here. Sadly I will be leaving this year due to a marriage breakdown. I cant stsy anymore as theres too many memories. But for anyone wondering if they should move here I say yes. I have a wonderful GP and wonderful vet for my dogs. Shopping is fine. You can get anything you require. Its a friendly place and people are relaxed.


Hi can you please advise the better areas to Buy in Sunbury?


Yes would love to know better areas in sunbury to buy please


We first came to sunbury in1968 and never had a problem


I lived in Sunbury for 34 years, it has kept the country feel fairly well. the little town ship just keeps getting better and better, with a wonderful array of restaurants, and entertainment for Children, a cinema, community centre, and services, a memorial hall where they have community get togethers. lots of schools and churches. the little theatre company. made lots of lovely friends. could alway find what you wanted without having to go to the city. train station close by, only 10 minutes to the airport. on a negative note parking is starting to be a problem, and I didn't think it was fair that we had to pay for the Melbourne parks and gardens water. we should have stayed in Bulla shire. but all in all a great place to live.


I came to Sunbury over 20 years ago. I have found it safe and community minded and friendly from its hangover of originally being a country town.


Hello there Sunbury residents. We are first home buyers looking for an affordable 3 bedder in the $650K-$750K range. Sunbury seems to tick many boxes for us, yet REIV quarterly growth data (2018-till date) and our Buyer's Agents seem to think that capital growth in Sunbury is relatively low. The quarterly growth graph on REIV does indicate that. And that there are better places for similar money East/NE of Melbourne. What is your opinion? Any thoughts on Anderson Road? Currently looking at a prop there! It is very encouraging to see such positive comments about Sunbury yet we feel conflicted about the capital growth. We visited it some weekends ago and liked the small-town regional feel, without the BIG roads newer suburbs have. We feel like Sunbury could be the place for us yet can't seem to know for sure. Thanks for reading my comment.

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