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Tudor Street

"Tudor street"

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I find Kincumber an affordable spot with easy access to a lot of the coast- Erina fair, Avoca, Copacabana, Terrigal all less than 10min drive away. 20mins to Gosford or Woy Woy train stations.
There is a coles, several takeaway shops, Great fruit market, gym, pub towards the centre of Kincumber. Behind the pub there is a 5km walking track along the waterfront to Davistown with a kids park halfway through.
Kincumba mountain tracks and Bouddi national park tracks are nearby. 2 skate parks and training ovals or sport.
Nice areas- figtree bay drive or anything off bora bora, parkers road, mortons cl,

Negatives include- Main roads have heavy traffic at times. Heading towards Bensville?- wind up your windows there is a Sewage Treatment Plant at south Kincumber. Lots of retierment villages (slow drivers/ slow shoppers/ quiet). A few streets that may be shady- Pickham close. School st, davies st.

Great for

  • Beach
  • Family Friendly
  • Quality Schools

Not great for

  • Old people

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Country Lovers
  • Beach Lovers

Hi, don't know if anyone can make suggestions but I'm a woman in my 50s who is living in a 1 br unit in Newcastle wishing to move to the Central Coast NSW (Dept Housing transfer/swap) to be closer to my daughter and grandaughter in Sydney (don't want to live back in Sydney). Can anyone suggest the "better" suburbs where Dept Housing units (over 55 would be great) are located, that are drug-free, crim-free and safe? I like Erina but don't want to live in Gosford, Wyong or Woy Woy.


Hi debh7 I believe Point Clare is just months off completing a brand new 50 unit complex for over 55's at the back of baptist care retirement Village (I use to live around the corner)
Point clare is a lovely leafy town but the main rd (brisbane waters rd) can get quite busy but never the less a lovely area! Hope it helps


Thank you for mentioning streets! Kincumber can be quite a mix. True about School Street, you can add Kerta Rd Erambie, Oberton, Waters. On the facebook group, main complaints are tip, dust pollution from the concrete plants off Empire Bay Drive and new caravan village planned for Avoca Drive at the end of Oberton Rd

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.