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Warren Avenue

"Don't move here"

Renters and buyers beware - Warren Ave is full of ferals. Every month our Neighbourhood Watch newsletter is full of crimes committed in Warren Avenue: bricks thrown through house windows, cars broken into and stolen, houses broken into, letter boxes and water meters stolen. On top of that, burn outs and firecrackers going off are sounds residents get to enjoy on a regular basis. We live one block away, and I'm VERY glad we're renting. Half the houses in Warren Avenue are up for sale at the moment (April 2011).

Not great for

  • High crime rate

( You must be kiddin ) - I lived in the area for over 20 years only just recently moved ( down sized)
That's the only reason we moved and we never experienced the issues you describe. I miss all the friendly people , walks to the shopping centre and park. I lived in a safe and lovely place. it still is a very friendly and safe area.... Maybe it's the new renters moving in which give the street area a bad name. Unfortunatley we can't stop investors who buy great investment properties in the street. they know a good thing when they see it and buy the homes which go for sale from long term residences who need to move once they get elderly and unable to maintain the large homes anymore

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