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"Lovely city - ignore all the bad press you read about Ipswich"

Great place to live and raise children. Friendly small city. Very active city council who have a strong vision for improving the city. Poor retail but has improved over the past decade. Ipswich Motorway is a fantastic road now since a long overdue upgrade.

Needs more restaurants and cafes. Everything pretty much closes by 8 or 9pm!! Could be a really happening place with its laid back atmosphere, a cafe culture waiting to happen.

There are a few bogans and weirdos in Ipswich, but you get those kind of people everywhere. Pick the suburb well if you're moving to Ipswich and it won't be an issue. There are many very pretty, affordable, and safe suburbs.

If only Brisbane people would stop looking down their noses at Ipswich, they might realise what a really pretty city it is, and what great value real estate and housing is available.

Great for

  • Cost of living
  • Friendly
  • Great Queenslander Homes

Not great for

  • Hot in summer
  • Needs more cafes and restaurants open later in the evening
  • Retail, it is improving slowly
  • Poor night life

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • Country Lovers

Hi, what areas in Ipswich would you recommend, and what suburbs to avoid?
Thanks, sue


It is so hard to get a response to this question! Im wondering how you choose (from afar), too.


Avoid Leichhardt, One Mile, Booval...I lived centrally for a year and liked it, had a friend In Churchill and in Tivoli both nicer areas..good luck:)


Well if you choose to ignore the bad press, maybe look up the official crime stats for QLD. Highest crime rate in the state. The place is full of drugs and alcohol.

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