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"A hidden gem in the West"

A quiet suburb that gets confused with Kirrawee in the South. Most people haven't heard of it, unless you're obsessed with getting into the selective high school. More in demand and better resale value for this reason. Close to Toongabbie railway station, as well as a bus route through the suburb. New Woolwoths opened in the local shops, good takeways and pub nearby. Close to M4, M2 and M7 which means you are never too far from anywhere. 10 minutes to Westmead or Blacktown Hospitals, as well as good medical centres close by. 10 mintues also to Parramatta Westfield, Westpoint Blacktown or Winston Hills shopping centre. Spoilt for choice, a great suburb to live.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Have sold property in this area, The crime rate is atrocious and the landscape is dirty.
I understand you live there and you may be happy but in my opinion the area is not recommended.


Thanks Adam, for someone who works out of St George area why would you bother commenting. You obviously have not been in the area for many years and you are kidding yourself if you think the crime rate is any better or worse than high rise Rockdale, and the no go zone after 6pm of Brighton.


I commented because I know the suburb and it's a free country that's why.
Sounds like you have sour grapes of you think beautiful Brighton le sands is a no go zone at any time of day.
I am entitled to my opinion just as you are, however I am unbiased considering I know the place well but don't live there as you do.


No sour grapes here mate. Just curious though - how did you successfully manage to sell properties in the area if this is your opinion of the place?


Geez mate, really didn't want to get into an argument about this.
Let me start by saying not only did I work in the area I grew up there and I still have family that live there. As to your question about how I managed to be successful if my opinion of the place is not so good, well I have sold real estate in a lot of surrounding areas that I rate more highly, I am an award winning agent and am very good at my job however if a buyer wants to live in girraween and they like the house I was offering then I don't need to be very good at all do I?
The fact I do not live in the area anymore is because I chose to for reasons I stated earlier that you have taken exception to.
This is not a south vs west thing nor is it east and north vs west, I personally do not rate girraween as a good suburb as you do and now people who read your review will be able to get 2 very differing opinions and that is what it's all about I think.


Hi me and my family are moving to Australia in 2 months my partner has a job offer in girraween so I'm trying to find out where is best to live schools etc as we have 2 young children I've read your post and it looks like girraween is nice to live in any particular streets and what is rent like on properties is it expensive thanks gemma

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