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"A town got a lot of characters"

We just bought a new house and moved to this area from Rockdale in September last year.

We read many reviews and heard many things about Bankstown that made us worried.

However, we couldn't afford to buy a house in our budget anywhere we looked for so it's still close to the city by trains and the house was nice.
Finally, we decided.

It's been 6 months since we moved in so far so good. We are getting used to it.

Bankstown is a quite large area, got a lot of characters. In the majority of demographic seems two communities of Arabic and Vietnamese and some others.

We are located just between Revesby and Bankstown so luckily to use two train stations.
It takes only 20 minutes from Revesby station to the city by express.

A lot of cheap grocers and nice Vietnamese restaurants to choose from.

Definitely, more buses need to go to Revesby station and add more commuter car parking near the station would be a key point to give value to this area.

Also, if we can have nearby a big nice public aquatic centre would be good too! Hopefully, it gets better cleaner streets and improved the buses.

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