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Mount Druitt

"Worst place ever -"

Very low rated suburb which will make you regret deciding to live in Australia!!

If you would like to see rubbish , live in Mounit Druitt (especially in the area around Westfield) , If you would like to see dodgy and homeless people , go there (especially in the bus stop).
It seems dodgy people from every country decided to live in one place.
Besides people driving their cars are too rude , they will never giveway to you if you decide to change lanes,

Police is everywhere watching people , especially around the train station .
Unfortunately , I had to commute everyday using the train station.
One day , I saw some school students threw plastic bottle from the train station stairs down to the taxis parking , it seems kids are learning from their dodgy parents.

Don't ever think of bring your kids their.


If you have bought an unit and Mt Druitt is close to your workplace, you would get mad one day. Depending on your luck, you will see rubbish at your balcony from time to time. A few months ago, a few teenagers threw a plastic bottle towards the back of an Asian woman.


Good point

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Erskine Park

"Erskine Park is your dream in Western Suburbs"

One of the best suburbs in NSW , When i first moved in , I though it would be like any other western suburb, but soon I discovered how green and quiet this suburb,
Neighbors are so friendly , You usually seeing them going to the local shopping with their kids or with their dogs , Though I am not personally knowing everyone , I find many of them saying Hi to me.

One of the best GP in Family Erskine Park Family clinic.

Aldi and IGA and local Pharmacy.

James Erskine Park Public school is good.

Lots of Child cares and Family day cares

I recommend living their to families and kids.

Great for

  • All houses (there no Units or Town houses)
  • Safe at night
  • Lovely neighbours
  • Local Professional Services (Medical, Dental, Health, Real Estate)
  • Local Shops (Franklins, Aldi, Dominos, Stir Crazy, Butcher, Chemist and Restaurants)
  • Quiet and Clean Environment – good for walks and jogging
  • Quiet and Peacefull
  • Safe & Clean

Not great for

  • Bus route 775 is every 30 Minutes , if you miss one , you need to wait for another 30 minutes
  • Need to have a car
  • 10 minutes away from train stations (Mt Druitt and St Marys)

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Tourists

Agreed , We just moved here 7 months ago and now I am loving this suburb. I have only one concern my son is starting school next year. Which school I should do his admission. Janes Erskine Park Public School or Clairgare Public School ( St Clairs)


James Erskine Park Public School is good

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.