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Taplin Street

"Lived here for four years and love it"

I laughed reading one of the below reviews. I don't know when it was written but it's not like that here at the monent (2018). I have lived (rented) at two separate town houses on this street. It's a quiet street and convenient to everything you need leasiure-wise. A lot of people own pets on this street (including myself) and it's a great place for this with the vet around the corner. The big black dog mentioned previously is friendly when he gets to know you, and he doesn't roam the street anymore anyway. The peeps on the north end look out for each other and it feels generally safe. There seems to be no share houses at this time and not really any loud parties anymore. There are mostly working professionals and families with kids now. The mechanic is very approachable and keeps an eye out during the day which is nice to have around (he might even let you have your parcels delivered there if you're lucky!). The only draw back of this street is the petty crime. With close proximity to the TAB there seems to be opportunistic smash and grabs on cars, and occasionally dodgy types cruising past. We had an attempted burglary while we were home on a Friday night (took a crow bar to the front door!!!), so be warned. Don't be slack about your security. There was also a serial balcony trespasser in 2016 /17 on the north end but I believe they were targeting someone in particular. The police did nothing about this might I add, which made the residents up this end a bit more close knit. I agree about the cleanliness too, there always seems to be debris and rubbish around on the footpaths. Overall I really enjoy living here, and hope I can continue to do so for many years to come! I'm actually looking forward to the Piedimonte's supermarket redevelopment too. What some people deem 'quaint' I call an uncleanly, expensive hole of a supermarket.. But we don't get into that :) PS avoid the post office where possible... You gave been warned (check out their google reviews for a laugh).

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