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Just now

"Youve been warned"

Don't move there, don't even think about thinking about moving there. It's a dump and we supposedly live in the good part. My son is being bullied at school and the local high school is worse.
I was on the bus to Vicky Point (the only decent shops) and the bus stopped to pick up a teenager. "I've got no money and no bus pass" he says. "So you're walking" the driver replied. This little darling flicked him the bird and said "[email protected]@k you!!!" before storming off.
The local pub is a dump and if it's seen a lick of paint in twenty years I'd be amazed. We decided to take our kids for lunch but were so appalled by the decor we left after one drink.
The locals I've met are mostly friendly but there's also those who aren't.
Go to Cleveland, it's a much nicer place all round.
riches I am sorry you are unhappy. This life style is not for everyone, but if I were to make a sweeping observation as you have, I would say you are from NSW or VIC. If your unhappy, with the conduct of a few children, then as a parent you must know your course of action. I am sure bad behaviour also happens in other suburbs?.....just my opinion. The Redland Bay Hotel by the way is hertitage listed, hence their inability to turn it into a Sushi Bar with slot machines. The wheels of progress turn slowly. And that, my irritable friend, is why most of us like it here!
AnnettaA We are moving back to the Redlands after living in Brisbane for 7 years and can't wait to get back there. Kids are rude everywhere! At least the kid didn't assault the bus driver which would probably happen in some of Sydney's suburbs and Melbourne's. There are nice bistros and cafes at the Victoria Point Mall. Try those instead.
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