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Gurner Street

"Great Street in amongst the colour of St Kilda"

St Kilda has a bit of something for absolutely everyone. The hoards flock to the beach in the summer days and enjoy the nightlife in the evenings because it's such a diverse community and location.

Families live alongside backpackers, alongside young couples, alongside the homeless, alongside artists, musicians, IT geeks, hippies, everyone...

Gurner St has one foot in the colourful and one in the tranquil - it's a step of the main drag, but only a step so you're never far from all the facilities you could ever ask for.

And as the previous reviewer mentioned the girls on the corners see this is their workplace - they don't want trouble anymore than the residents do... bizarrely I often feel it's safer here than in the suburbs because our neighbourhood watch are the very people you'd be watching elsewhere.

I love it and that's why we live here.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Thanks for the great review - I agree that St Kilda generally feels pretty safe. So is your neighbourhood watch is quite active?


I'm not aware of the neighbourhood watch in any official sense, but we've got 3 guys who sit outside their apartment block all day watching the world go by and they, along with the surprisingly vigilant men in their cars supervising the ladies on the corner, they're a pretty good version, unofficially. I think it's been said, but they pimps and the pro's don't want the police around any more than we do, so they tend to keep an eye on stuff, especially if they're sticking round the area for a while. Bizarre but true!

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