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One Mile
3rd November 2023

"Room to breathe"

In the five years I’ve lived in One Mile, it has consistently delivered a lifestyle that’s hard to match. It’s this unique mix of leafiness and community spirit, with parks that serve as the lungs of our suburb, drawing families and friends outdoors for some sunshine and camaraderie.

The houses here are more than structures; they’re well-crafted homes with ample space for a bit of everything—gardens, play areas, or just room to enjoy a quiet afternoon. It’s the kind of place where neighbors share more than just a wave, creating a friendly atmosphere that’s genuine and comforting.

And for families, the educational opportunities are a standout. We’re in close reach of some of Queensland’s top schools in Central Ipswich, and right here in One Mile, we’ve got access to excellent childcare and a reputable private Catholic primary school.

This suburb is a rarity—a peaceful, community-focused enclave that’s still within arm’s reach of essential amenities.

One Mile feels like home now. A village nestled in a meander of the Bremer river (most of One Mile does not flood but do check the flood maps of course before you buy). With new construction fraught with problems, risk and expense, it makes so much sense to buy an established home.

The only demographic One Mile is not geared toward would be young singles - there is zero nightlife in the area and repetitive noise (frequent partying) would be frowned upon (by me at least!). We don’t see it around here. It’s more for families and older folks who like a peaceful life.

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