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"Life is what you make it."

Lived here in Rosemeadow for 23 years, bought into the suburb into a brand new house and land package.
Never had any trouble here, friendly neighbours, good shopping centre, doctors, medical centre with specialist, close to Campbelltown Hospital and Macarthur Square shopping, Beaches 40 mins drive, into the countryside 10 mins drive.
World class eateries on our doorstep, good public transport(Busses and Trains in Campbelltown), public High school and primary schools, private high school in area. Easy access to freeway and to South coast. It's not paradise but it is a nice working class suburb, play parks for the kids, BBQ area and playpark at Rizal Park for the family. It'll do me.

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Not sure were your "world class eateries" are? in Campbelltown itself there are some average eateries or are you referring to Rosemeadow's own Macdonalds lol... Rosemeadow Shops do seem to have improved since I left but they had to employ more security to help with the safety problems they had... It has all been documented in the paper but I have seen a fair bit with my own eyes... I didnt walk around with "blinkers" on or avoiding the bad areas all together as I couldnt... :( Some parts of Rosemeadow are alright some are really bad, just because you live in an alright area doesnt make it a good suburb...


Every suburb has its good and bad. Even North Shore. And yes there was a very sad time of terrible anti social behaviour especially from certain housing commission areas. However since the 3M issue of stupidity, those areas have been cleaned up and cleaned out. Thats not to say that Rosemeadow is squeeky clean, I dont think any suburb is without its issues. However I have lived in Rosemeadow for 33yrs. Ive seen the bad and the good and since the clean out of certain people and the clean up of certain areas, Rosemeadow is a lovely suburb. And yes its close to beaches with buses going to them too. There is the local shopping centre which caters for all immediate needs including 2x medical centres. One of which also has Podiatrist and Pathologist. And a Skin Specialist. Good bus service to local areas plus to the beaches and to Macarthur Square and Campbelltown and their corresponding train stations. There is a wide variety of food outlets from typical takeaways to finer dine-in eating throughout the area. With varying tastes for all. Stacks of parks and playgrounds with a water park in production. There are many gyms, aquatic pools, sporting fields, pre-schools etc. Dont over look Rosemeadow. Before buying here or anywhere, notice the neighbours, do they take care of their homes? If so, then likely the street is ok. Buying in the right street can make all the difference. And last of all, being a nice person yourself and greeting people as you walk past or giving way to other drivers or pedestrians although you might have the right of way, or gtting to know your neighbours can show common curtacy and decency. And isnt that what we are all looking for in a neighbourhood?


I know this and I also know it has changed a lot more since the comment which was probably 4-5 years ago now. I know the lower north shore isnt great. I work there now. I actually think Campbelltown and surrounds are a much better area.

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