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"Was a good choice."

I've recently moved up from Sydney and was previously renting at Ettalong until I found a house that we could see our selves buying. Well It didn't take long and It wasn't a hard choice we chose Kincumber .
Great for commuting I find it's 10mins from anywhere you would want to go on the Central coast. Lovely people, great walks by the water and Very Green with lots of wildlife.
Only down side would be the parking at the shops It can get very crowded but if you're not In a rush It won't bother you it also can get a bit cold In winter as the mountain shields A lot of houses from getting a full days sun especially If you're facing south BUT all In all it's perfect for us. Compared to where I lived In Sydney it's friendly and people have time to talk just go to the local Mcdonalds and see how friendly the staff are compared to most busy suburbs. It's so lovely to meet people who smile and have time to care about there community and the people In it.

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