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15th April 2021

"Weird just Weird"

Withcott is just weird. And it smells like toxic waste.
It's a strange place. It has no community. Just a bunch of weird locals who do nothing but gossip about anyone new.
It's really hot, oftern 10 degrees hotter than Toowoomba as it's down in a hole.
Everytime it rains everyone pannicks that it would flood again. So that's a bad feeling. All the local roads flood all the time.
The locals are not welcoming of new people because they have been there forever and don't want any neighbours.
Not only is it dead boring. It's also not policed. As the one policeman so youth crime happens every night.
Trucks park in town at 4am every morning with refrigeration trailers and wake the whole town up.
The locker valley council which is prob queenslands worst council doesn't care about it as it's the last 2000 residents on the very edge of it's jurisdiction.
It also has this weird toxic smell every 4 or 5 days. It's like someone is burning off tyres or something. It's not just a once off. It happens continuously. Did for the 6 months I was there. Right in town too. I seen other people comment on it on Facebook. It's like toxic. Like the whole town is getting toxic poisoning. Its very weird. I would not like to bring up a family there.
So all in all its hot, dirty, full of weirdos and youth crime and toxic.

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6th July 2020

"Friendly, incredible value for money, super amenities, 7 minutes from Toowoomba CBD"

Withcott is a hidden gem. I've lived up on the Table Top estate for a couple of years and have never experienced such a friendly neighbourhood. There's a Christmas party organised by the locals every year, and during COVID-19, a 10-year old girl in our street held an art competition for the neighbourhood to encourage us all to stay connected. Twenty neighbours submitted entries. You just don't see that kind of neighbourliness very often these days.

All the properties up here have an acre or more of land, and even down in the centre of Withcott most properties have a fair amount of land for kids to play, allotments, animals etc. It gives our community a country kind of feel, despite being so close to Toowoomba CBD. You do see possums, echidnas, wallabies and a plethora of beautiful birds. It's so quiet most of the time except for the chirping of birds.

People assume that being "all the way down the range" it would take a long time to get into town. With the heavy plant now bypassing the range, the average time it takes to get into Toowoomba CBD from Withcott is 6-8 minutes. The drive from my house to Picnic Point is 8-10 minutes, so although we don't have an abundance of local cafes and eateries here in Withcott, the amenities of Eastern Toowoomba are on our doorstep.

We do have a lot of good amenities for a smaller suburb - health wise we have a couple of medical centres with doctors, dentist and pharmacy. We have a decent Foodworks and SPAR (Woolies The Range is only 6 minutes away though). We've got a DIY store, friendly pub, bottleshop, a couple of petrol stations, op shop, local bakeries, cafes and food shops. School buses run to Withcott and there's a super sports centre and sports fields at Springbrook Park.

You'll find that house and land prices are way cheaper than you'd expect to pay in East Toowoomba. There are hardly any rentals here, probably because people are keen to buy once they've experienced our friendly suburb. Homes are quite tightly held here, particularly where I am up on Table Top estate. Most of my neighbours have been here over 20 years. But if you can snaffle a home here it's unlikely you'd be disappointed.

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