Albury Wodonga local advice wanted.

Hi all, I'll be moving to the Albury-Wodonga region for work at the end of the year and I'm looking to buy before I arrive, with only a few trips down to the region beforehand (not ideal, but circumstances dictate).
I was hoping for some local insight of places to avoid to help me narrow my search area. With limited research so far, I've come up with avoid Glenroy/Lavington/West Albury and apparently there's a particularly smelly pet food factory in Wodonga somewhere. Baranduda is shaping as my preferred option, I'd be interested in local's opinion of that as well.
Thanks in advance.
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Hey there! I grew up in Albury and I would say to definatly stay away from Glenroy, North Albury/Lavington (these are next to each other) and also WEST Albury. There are 2 sides to West Albury. One side with new homes and a great estate and the other side with lots of crime and issues.

I grew up in the suburb Thurgoona. You can’t go wrong wherever you choose to live in that suburb and there are some really nice estate popping up with new homes for a great $. Thurgoona has a local Woolworths with a cafe,gym etc and also a golf course if your into that.

I have never lived in Wodonga but Baranduda is a little further out from the shops etc. (I mean not super far but it’s not as close as other suburbs) they have the Army barracks out in Baranduda and larger properties with land etc.

I believe they may have begun building estates out that way aswell though.

Hope this helps

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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