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1st December 2021


As the title suggests - just stay away.
I moved from a really tough area in Dubbo - 10 minute drive to Wongarbon.
The area I came from had more pleasant neighbours & no neighbours calling police on each other over petty arguments.
I thought I'd have a quieter lifestyle outside the hustle and bustle of Dubbo.
Wasn't I wrong?
The town's people you don't hear from are the best and the majority of people there have a scummy bogan outlook on life & carry on as such - with the police on speed dial after they cause trouble.
Dubbo Police usually don't bother with their calls knowing this.
Parents let their children roam free - getting into all sorts of mischief around the town.
Park has been damaged multiple times from children who have drug/alcohol affected absent parents.
Those kids don't attend school so must get bored.
The old people are great but keep to themselves - which is what I suggest.
There's only a post office with no mail run and a pub.
The shop closed down - would be handy if it was still open.
Publican brought the shop to have it closed to keep business at the pub.
Older locals drive home drunk from the pub drunk most days - been warned.
Post office is very limited and about as functional as a post office of the late 1800's - very basic services and they buy their packaging at full price from post offices in town as they are unaware of how to order internally from the Australia Post website.
There's a primary school, however the local shool teachers take on the NSW Education Dept to zone their own children into Dubbo schools - that should speak volumes in itself.
Should be a quiet town but with underage kids driving cars and motorbikes on public roads in the town - so it's not the case.
Town is cliquier than a toxic workplace. I don't suggest befriended the unemployed bogans anyways.
Apparently it used to be a beautiful villiage - however like everything nice - it only takes a few people to ruin things.
There's somewhat of a bus service - catching a taxi in and out of Dubbo will cost you $60 each way though. Definately need a vehicle to commute to and from work in Dubbo - no employment opportunities within Wongarbon.
Obviously being less than 1000 in population - everyone knows everyone - what they don't know they fabricate - having grown up in a small town - I knew what to expect from such small minded people - I value my privacy.
Most houses are owned - some rented.
There are 3 types of houses in Wongarbon - brand new, older well renovated houses and complete shit boxes decaying throughout - ratio is close to 20:20:60 - so the residential areas are quite the eyesore.
Pricing for buying and renting is going up due to prices going through the roof in Dubbo with immigrants flocking to Dubbo before they are allowed to reside in Sydney.
Wasn't even able to chose a "Which best describes Wongarbon" as nothing was applicable.

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