Dos and don’ts for moving to a new place

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3 min readMoving home is a big project that requires careful attention to detail and having ways to deal with stressful situations that could potentially arise. If you search online for moving day tips, you will find that most sites make the same great point: it’s essential to make a plan long before moving day arrives.

During your moving day prep you need to keep the following dos and don’ts in mind:

DO compare moving companies

You may find that not all moving companies work on equal terms and pricing, so it is wise to scout out the market and shop around to find the one that will get the job done right, rather than jumping on the first one you see and hoping for the best.

DON’T end up waiting until the very last day

The best time to start working on moving preparations is at least a month in advance. This allows you to deal with everything without stressing out and making hasty mistakes at the last minute.

DO create a checklist

Making one will make your life a lot easier when the big day arrives, since you will have a chance to keep track of all the small details that need to be dealt with before moving house.

DON’T pay for moving supplies if possible

If you have time, save money by looking for boxes in bars, stores, restaurants and other places in your area that may have free boxes sitting around.

DO ensure you have proper insurance

This is really important if you have any valuable, irreplaceable or precious items that need to be protected from damage or theft. Even if you have decided to deal with moving house on your own, you will still want to check out homeowners and contents insurance.

DON’T forget to provide information to your movers

When you deal with packing and moving house, you need to ensure you let the movers know what they will be moving and where they will move it to. Keeping a thorough inventory makes sure you don’t lose or have anything misplaced during the move.

DO try to get proper measurements

Measure your pieces of furniture before the move to do your best to ensure they will fit through doorways in your new and old place. It’ll take some work but it should be done to make the move easier, as will having a floor plan with the room dimensions of your new home.

DON’T sign any papers you haven’t read completely

Take your time to read things thoroughly before you sign anything, especially since you may have questions about the services and terms and conditions of the moving company of your choice.

DO pack a box of essentials

This means having a box of possessions you will need as soon as you arrive, such as clothes, snacks, toiletries and so forth.

DON’T pass on babysitters if you need them

Moving will be a lot easier if your kids are not around, since they may get in the way in the process. The same goes for pets, so you need to arrange someone to mind your kids and pets to allow you some peace of mind on moving day.

DO label your boxes with care

If you want to have an easier time unpacking, you need to label things clearly by room so the movers know where to deposit each box.

DON’T forget to declutter your home

Just because you got a great price on a property doesn’t mean you should fill it to the brim with all of your stuff. Moving is a great time to start fresh, declutter and get organised. You would do well to consider donating possessions you no longer need to charity or hold a garage sale prior to the move.

With these simple dos and don’ts in mind you should be able to plan your move well in advance. To make sure your move is an easy and successful one check out the 15 essentials you need to include in your moving and packing survival kit.

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Ella Andrews

Ella Andrews is a UK based avid blogger and freelance writer. She likes to write about home maintenance, decoration and relocation related themes. It is a great joy for her to share helpful tips and advice with readers all over the world. Read more basic moving tips on Moving Services Removals in Pimlico.

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  1. Thanks for some other informative blog. Nothing can bring you closer to building an intimate relationship with yourself and getting to know yourself better than moving away from home and living in another city.

  2. Very impressive tips and suggestions.. I will try this if we plan to move! but for now i won’t needed theme but I still take a note for just in case my situation might change.


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