20 ways to get more leads and grow your business

Larissa Gardner
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With so many marketing opportunities and strategies out there it can be tricky to know where to focus your energy and funds. To help point you in the right direction we’ve come up with 20 ideas to consider when looking to generate new leads for your real estate business.

1. Build real estate referral networks from business partnerships. A fantastic way to expand your referral business is to establish relationships with bankers, finance brokers, lenders, land developers and insurance agents and other professionals that typically have relationships with clients looking to buy and sell property.

2. Use Twitter strategically to find new followers that are local to your area. Introduce yourself and engage with your followers on a daily basis to keep your business front of mind which will hopefully create new leads.

3. Drive more traffic to your website by boosting your SEO ranking by linking your website to other sites.

4. Start a blog to showcase your industry knowledge and expertise, keep clients engaged and updated, and drive more traffic to your website. Some good agent blogs to check out:

5. Strategically reconnect with past clients, family and friends by phone and email to see if they require your professional expertise or know anyone that does. This can work wonders for your referral business. 

6. Use direct mail marketing to target leads in a specific location. Real estate postcards of ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ properties are a cheap and effective way to stay in touch with past clients and encourage new local leads to get in contact with you.

7. Previewing property is a cost effective way to rapidly expand your client database, to grow your listing inventory and generate more leads.

8. Use pay-per click advertising, such as Google Adwords, where you pay to be found in search engines which helps increase traffic to your website and online enquiry.

9. Create a monthly or quarterly email and direct mail newsletter to communicate your expertise and valuable real estate insights to old, current and prospective clients. Newsletters remind past clients that you’re still in business, that you know what you’re talking about and makes them more likely to come back to you in the future and send you referrals.

10. Get organised. Once you have a good flow of leads coming in you should acquire a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help organise your leads contact details, and to record and schedule follow ups to make sure you capitalise on your pool of leads as often and effectively as possible.

11. Run Facebook ads back to your landing pages.

12. Organise a group of local business owners and hold a fundraiser for charity where you can meet the locals, and hand out business cards and business pens.

13. Hold competitions and giveaways for your social media audience to build up positive word of mouth, page likes and shares.

14. Sponsor a local football team, animal shelter, little athletics or music school. Sponsorship can be a great way to build up community good will around your brand and create lasting and loyal connections with the locals.

15. Attend industry conferences and real estate events. Pass out your business cards to agents from out of town and let them know you pay for referrals and for them to contact you if they have any clients looking in your region and vice versa.

16. Provide up to date and unique content for your listings, update your data frequently and offer a multi-platform experience to potential clients to help convince them to trust you with their sale or purchase decision.

17. Use Instagram effectively to market your business. One good idea for Instagram is to produce short testimonial videos from satisfied clients. 

18. Generate new leads by LinkedIn crawling.

19. Speak at local school career events or real estate training courses. Remember to record any speaking engagements you have and post the videos to your YouTube channel. This will assure clients you know your stuff and shows that you give back to your local community.

20. Continue adding your listings to Homely for free!

The key to growing your business, depending on your resources and size, is to select between one and five of the above strategies and focus on following them through until you start seeing some results. The worst thing you can do is over extend yourself by trying to do too much all at once.

Do you have a tip or tactic for lead generation that we missed? Please add it to the comments below. 

Larissa Gardner
Larissa Gardner is the Marketing Manager at arguably Australia’s best looking real estate website homely.com.au. With a superb devotion to product innovation, user-centred design and innovative marketing platforms for real estate agents, homely.com.au helps millions of Australians find their next home.

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