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"A small town - where everybody is happy to see you"

Allora is a peaceful country town, fresh air, low stress and lots of friendly faces. Perfect for retiring or raising a family in a low stress, happy environment.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Lovely little town with the advantage of shopping in nearby Warwick, or around a 60km drive to the big smoke of Toowoomba. However, Allora does have one of almost everything you need to keep you happy - a doctor, a vet, an IGA, a post office, a state school, a golf course and THREE watering holes! My only grumble would be the effects that global warming is having on this little town. Locals acknowledge that the current trend of heatwaves and high humidity levels in summer, is a relatively new happening - and on a recent trip through Allora, I have to agree. It was extremely uncomfortable walking around the streets, especially with two dogs in tow. I was mindful of how intensely hot the streets were on their paws when crossing the roads after having placed one of my own feet on the surface to sample the heat, and the bindiis growing through the grassy pavements made it very hard work to negotiate around, with their paws very much in mind. I do believe the Council could do more to improve the walking surfaces in the town by controlling the bindiis. On an 'up' note, locals assure me that the winters are extremely cold, usually with late frosts, and much shorter summers than Brisbane endures. I was astonished to see how beautiful and lush some of the gardens were, and how well-kept and tidy the town generally is. On the whole, it gets a big plus from me!

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