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"Convenient urban living, with a natural outlook."

Anketell is a suburb with many large blocks of land and is situated inland near the Kwinana Freeway. It is between Rockingham and Fremantle in positioning, but also has good access to the CBD with the train line and freeway being very close. Access to schools and shopping, medical services and other amenities is good due to the surrounding developments. Naturally a littel travel is required but this is the price of living in a more natural, less crowded area. Much of the area is still undeveloped and there are presently pockets of land for sale which are earmarked for future urban development. Landowners have generally built well designed houses on existing properties, although some are older houses from earlier decades. The population is still quite low, at about 300 and the suburb falls in the Town of Kwinana. I merely visit the area though, so the specifics of living locally might be best left to someone more familiar with the daily experience of Anketell. But, I can't say I would be too disappointed if I found myself living there one day!

Great for

  • Convenience and a natural space!

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Country Lovers
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