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Ranked 1st best suburb in Western Australia

"Pristine. Picture Perfect"

- kiak
Beautiful safe and quiet suburb. There is a local IGA, medical centre and service station. A Coles supermarket to be built in the future. Every other retail store only a 20minute drive to Mandurah. T...
-32.6324592396111 115.636733965752


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Western Australia

"Gelorup ticks ALL the right boxes"

- jeffd
My wife and I have lived in Gelorup just 10km south of Bunbury town centre for 9 years. Having lived in various areas from Geraldton in the NW., to Hamelin Bay in the south west of WA.and we love it h...
-33.4113484163156 115.637822336893
Ranked 3rd best suburb in Western Australia

"A wonderful place to live"

- WesternAust9
South Yunderup is located along the Murray River about 50 minutes from Perth. It is a beautiful suburb that is majority established residential, however still holds onto the rural, small country town...
-32.5844912933251 115.780813171091


Ranked 4th best suburb in Western Australia

"Lovely but be quick."

- maureena2
I've never seen land pop up and sell so quickly ever.. in the twenty years I've lived here.. the government incentive has created a flurry in the suburb.. so I don't think Willagee will look back as a...
-32.0524437731613 115.806430590772

Halls Head

Halls Head
Ranked 5th best suburb in Western Australia

"A beach bums paradise"

- froggypeters
It just a great place to live and affordable, friendly with plenty of things to do :)
-32.5431651876982 115.698349904519


Ranked 6th best suburb in Western Australia

"Great pocket suburb"

- JonathanB3
An excellent little suburb that is starting to bloom. Been here since 2012, work in the city is a breeze with loads of public transport and probably only a 10 mins drive. You get to skip the crazy jam...
-31.9009855092846 115.91306059044


Ranked 7th best suburb in Western Australia

"Byford - Developing suburb"

- Amanda Wilson
This suburb has changed so much over the past 10 years. From an old country town into the up and coming suburb where everyone wants to live! The developments that have happened and that are still in...
-32.2262750016587 116.011955956171


Ranked 8th best suburb in Western Australia

"Close to good schools, hospitals and with access to transpor..."

- andrew87
We have lived in Murdoch for over 18 years, having moved from Fremantle. The surburb has a very relaxed, multicultural & nature based ambience. People are at peace with each other. Yet the CBD is onl...
-32.0691187760768 115.83625854603
Ranked 9th best suburb in Western Australia

"Secrets of mine"

- MtPleasant
I have secret delights of mine in Mount Pleasant. It’s the “aah nice!” of recognition when I say that I’ve bought and live here to the people I meet in the heart of Perth. Four delightful years. A...
-32.0267774011013 115.851220687508


Ranked 10th best suburb in Western Australia

"Fantastic affordable location!"

- beachlife0911
As far as land is concerned you can certainly set yourself up for life in Craigie. Huge block size for less than 500k could eventually become dual use at retirement and a “thank god” I bought here....
-31.7864072873069 115.769062818038


Ranked 11th best suburb in Western Australia

"Kensington - South Perth's Little Sister Suburb..."

- Sue Rowles
I love Kensington which in many ways is like an extension to South Perth. Offering an eclectic mix of character through to new homes, Kensington is popular for families looking for a more substantia...
-31.9848636684804 115.884731977442

Bull Creek

Ranked 12th best suburb in Western Australia

"Beautiful & Convenient Bull Creek"

- geraldineh2
We've stayed in the vicinity of Darley Circle since 2013. We moved here to get close to Bull Creek Primary school and the Willetton High School. Little Jade loves school and loves playing at the huge...
-32.0546787022439 115.863974302123


Ranked 13th best suburb in Western Australia

"Como - Great little Riverside Suburb with History ..."

- Sue Rowles
Como is a lovely little suburb split in two by Canning Highway. Riverside Como (which borders South Perth) has the infamous Preston St, Precinct, with the award-winning Karalee Shopping Centre, a gr...
-32.0004817774275 115.865134994946


Ranked 14th best suburb in Western Australia

"What's not to LOVE about Booragoon....."

- Donna Gordin
Living in Booragoon never felt so easy, we have Garden City Shopping Centre (now known as Westfield Booragoon - but forever Garden City), quick access to two major highways either side of us in Cannin...
-32.0372365204582 115.834023566656


Ranked 15th best suburb in Western Australia

"Fantastic non-congested suburb"

- helenj9
Family homes on large blocks. Close to beach, public transport and key amenities.
-31.7650465840946 115.761693733089


Ranked 16th best suburb in Western Australia

"Nice to call home 🏠"

- Diane Williamson
After moving to WA & renting locally we finally found our home in Tapping . We’ve been here for 10 years and definitely feel at home here , great value modern homes , many parks great schools as well...
-31.7169997359937 115.793441365088


Ranked 17th best suburb in Western Australia

"Love the lifestyle in the Area"

- Step Forward
Nice people, clean place and safe. Close to everything. Nothing to complain about. Just hope i can retired here too.
-31.9962260353905 115.797204122891


Ranked 18th best suburb in Western Australia

"Hidden gem close to beach, parks, shops, Freo"

- jomely
Beautiful quiet and family friendly suburb. Has easy access to Coogee Beach, loads of local parks and shopping centres. Its only 10 minutes to Freo and 20 to the CBD, very easy to enjoy living here.
-32.100299166579 115.774558997917


Ranked 19th best suburb in Western Australia
-31.9795405943348 116.018464397337

Wattle Grove

Ranked 20th best suburb in Western Australia

"Nice suburb to live in"

- jessieg
Wattle Grove has a wonderful primary school. Nice surroundings for families and young couples. Reasonable house prices and well maintained community areas.
-32.0067631497396 116.007526072242
-20.8080762492318 122.017450252438 5