Annerley or Morningside?

Hi I am relocating from Sydney and never lived in Brisbane. My work will be in South Brisbane and so I am aiming to live in the south. Having narrowed it down to Annerley and Morningside I would love to hear local feed back about the positive and negative of each?
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Hi Cassandra, there is no exact right or wrong for this question as they are both great suburbs. One question that is often relevant is where are you going to work and how will I get there? If you are planning on working in the city or close to it, Annerley has the better transport infrastructure and has 3 major feeder roads into the city along with trains and buses. it also has accesses straight into the Clem 7 tunnel which will get you to the other side of the city or airport in minutes (I use it all the time). Out of Annerley or Morningside, Annerley will have the most attractive pricing for rentals or property purchase. I hope this assists.

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Hi Cassie, Congratulations on making the move to Brisbane. Being a local to the Annerley area I can only really comment on the benefits of Annerley however for proximity and ease of access to South Brisbane, Annerley certainly does have a lot to offer. With local train and bus networks going directly to South Brisbane your trip to and from work will certainly be shorter than Morningside, I would particularly encourage you to focus your search for a property to the section of Annerley north of Venner Road as this will put you within a short walk to train stations, numerous buses and also close proximity to the new Woolworths due to open next month, Coles at Fairfield Gardens or Buranda Shopping Centre. It may worthwhile also consider searching Fairfield for a property with is directly adjacent to Annerley and has similar access to transport and facilities. Hope this helps.

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Morningside is much nicer, with very popular restaurants and boutique shops etc. Very nice houses and a lovely area that has been made upmarket. Annerley however will have cheaper homes to rent.

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