Atherton Road, Oakleigh, VIC 3166

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  • Pest-free
  • Public transport

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  • Childcare
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Reviews of Atherton Road, Oakleigh

"Busy street with well established environment"

I reside very close to Oakleigh central which consists of Centro shopping mall, eatery, butcher and other retail shops. In fact it is only a 5-6 min walk away from my apartment so I love it there. A few cafes there and its always packed on a Sunday probably due to the open air market they set up in the carpark area.

If you are driving, Chadstone shopping mall is only a 5-10min drive away depending on the traffic. If you are not driving, there's always the buses which go pass or direct to chadstone from Oakleigh train station. Overall, it's a almost perfect environment except for the Fire Station nearby.

They have to tendency to turn on the siren regardless whether there are cars on the roads or even when it is 2am. I just do not see why they need the siren on when there are no cars on the road blocking their access. Daytime is still understandable but at 2 - 3am when the roads are practically empty and everyone sleeping?

Who lives here?

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  • Families with kids

Hi Vipes, I used to live near a hospital with ambulances goiing past 24/7 with sirens so I know what you mean! I learned to sleep through it... how are you coping with it?


The first 2-3 mths was abit tiring.. because the fire engines would pop out blasting the siren away at 2-3am.. and i would literally jump up wondering if it was my smoke alarm going off... so we decided to just close the windows to keep out the sound added extra curtains and that helped a lil.

But I supposed we got used to it. I was staying about 5 buildings beside the fire station before but have since moved across the road and now living on the top floor. As long as the balcony door is closed.. we cannot hear much now :) but like i said... we got used to it

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