Looking at buying small acerage at Bahrs, can any locals give me some advice on this area?

Wondering if any locals can advise me on a few things about Bahrs Scrub please.
Looking at moving up from down south, I've lived on the gold coast and FNQ before but never this central but the area looks lovely and it appears to have everything we are looking for.
Firstly, after looking at the QLD police site, the crime rates for Logan Council, which I believe Bahrs Scrub is a part of are very high, especially in violence and sexual assult crimes. Do these statistics find there way to Bahrs Scrub at all? I apologise in advance and do not want to point a finger at anyone, I'm simply asking from the police website and if I'm moving up with young children need to know if this is going to be suitable for us and most people would understand moving houses into a different area is always a worry however moving interstate and not knowing the area personally.
I'd also like to hear your views on the school's and as there is no local bus services how kids manage to get to school when parents have to work.
Any personal thought on how you feel about the town and local events and community spirit would be great too thank you.
Thanks in advance for your time to respond.
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