What neighbourhoods of Sydney offer a high street to rival Balmain?

We are new to Sydney having arrived here from London just a few days ago. I have 2 months in which to find a more permanent place to live than the city centre apartment that we have being put up in initially. So far, I have visited Newtown + Erskinville, Balmain + Rozelle, Chatswood and Breakfast Point. Of these, we have fallen in love with Balmain due to the vibrancy, variety, quality and charm of its high street. There, we found independent grocers, butchers and bakers, numerous cafes, quirky shops selling toys, homewares and gifts, markets, pubs... really, the sheer quantity of high quality, one-of-a-kind retailers is an absolute delight. Of course, Balmain has its downsides, the most obvious being the degree to which housing is crammed in. If we wanted to find a slightly larger property, or one with front and back gardens, this would probably break the budget in Balmain (if indeed it were available at all). So where else should I explore which might have some of that Balmain high street vibrancy?
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