Are the schools good in and around Batemans Bay?

I am sick of living in Ballarat, we are sick of being sick, climate change all the time, are there good hospitals, medical and schooling. Are there fruit & veg markets? What are the safe and popular suburbs to chose to live, will rent at first. Hopefully my child's eczema will disppear!!!
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mandas1 Jun 18, 2019
Hey! Best areas would be Batehaven, Sunshine Bay .Broulee and Tomakin are great and very safe and quiet esp if you dont mind the drive into town. There isnt much of a public transport option available so a car is essential to live here. Steer clear of Catalina in the outer areas and Surfbeach has its pockets of scum.and they seem to dump the mentally unwell people in surf beach too which are mostly safe but you never know. Batemansbay people are funny type of folk as in they can be very clicky and tend to be gossipy. If you intend to keep to yourself it can be great place to live but once you stuff up or have a run in with the dodgy locals then your name is dragged thru the mud. Small town gossip is rife. There is lots of good clean beaches and in the school holidays is the carnival at Batehaven that stays for 6 weeks and is good for young familys. Mogo has a zoo with lots of space to walk around to see all the attractions and if you like old timey alternative shops such as the likes of crytals, phycics etc then Mogo is the place to go esp as it has a old mining town where you can pan for gold. If you enjoy bushwalking but want to stay safe (women can go here with small children alone and not be harrassed and feel safe) the Botanic Gardens hassome great bush walking tracks with a small cafe on site to have a bite to eat or bring your picnic basket and have a BBQ near the huge play equipment area. Im told there is also a meetup once a month to go on more adventurous bushwalking hikes around the batemansbay area . For the people planning on retirring here if you like keeping to yourself and not much else then the Bay is for you as there doesnt seem to be much for retirrees to do apart from Bingo at the local clubs with a club transport bus on the weekends for members and guests if you live within the 5 km area . There is a fruit n veg shop in Batehaven and last Sundays of each month are the Batehaven Markets where you may find local fruit and veg produce. The schools seem ok i personally liked Mogo primary as it was small and quant (60 students in entire school) But ive heard rave reviwes of St Bernards and Bay Primary . Moruya High is the worst (a lot of scummy kids and familys ) St Peters has a yr K to Yr 12 option but of course is a private school. Carroll Collage isanother private highschool option with Army Cadets as alternative to kids who dont mind having a go at thatsort of thing but ive found Bay High to be pretty good and they dont tolerate bullying either and are quick to deal with any problems that may arraise. Hospitals are ok but very basic and send people off to Canberra if its serious but Moruya hospital is the better preferance if i had to choose. They have a public dental there too but of course theres a waiting list for that which is pretty quick & timely. Hope this helps!!!
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