Bathurst cheap rent with a pet dog? (beagle) Is there much work here?

Hi all quick question me and the family are looking to move to Bathurst i have my Security liscence and curious as to know whether there is much work around Bathurst in the Security industry.

Also wondering if its fairly easy to get approved for a rental with a pet dog (Beagle breed).
As Sydney its like a lottery too many people apply for one property. Sydney is way to overpriced now.

Thanks all any responses will be greatly appreciated

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Dean, as you can see by no other answers you may be asking the wrong people...ask security services and employment agencies of the area and ask about contractually guaranteed employment in say yearly if they sack you after 3 months for other than criminal action, or deception you get 9 months pay . Good luck on that one....fifteen years ago when an employer tried to get me to break and employment agreement I had with his 'grand master'...a right crook and who wanted to get rid of me for his personal gain, n a well known Island group, I said "I am already employed. I will work for you after this contract expires, but it will require $2000/week plus vehicle all accommodation fares, insurance, overtime, superannuation etc. in an annually repeated ,one year agreement with bank guarantee, to my satisfaction so that any time in that year you put me off I will be immediately paid the balance of the year...

I knew he was in the same Lodge as my corrupt employer, but he didn't realise I knew.... I gave my decision in writing. That almost solved that conspiracy...remember the lodge has assassins. I survived the cunning attempt. So I suggest you approach such conversation on the basis to agencies you call that you need security of tenure, not just being needed at the moment....what can your interviewer offer for your loyalty....which will of course also bind you to him for the agreed time....but have a lawyer examine and advise on any such contract.

As well be aware of last week's judgement that ok'd (and rightly so on balance) the sacking of an overweight....but more-so inadequately active, security guard. Being given a sedentary position in security when initially employed under an 'active/fit agreement will not stand up if you are dismissed for overweight which affects your mobility. There are other options with security work, hospitals for example, even perhaps seeking an employed guard then able to offer a 24 hour get my drift I'm sure.

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