Where are the better parts of Bathurst to live in?

Is West Bathurst any good, Windradyne? Thinking security and safety mainly as we have 2 children under 3.
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Jean AArouet Dec 04, 2017
Where?...Outside of it....but of course it depends largely on your needs, mobility, cash, reliable income and defence against your children for example becoming swept up in the GenY and later disorder and manias which we have just experienced with the 'yes' vote standover mob and their disingenuous humbug and pathology of viciousness towards "No" believers . That has been the worst outrage with the longest retrogression coming if it 'gets up', in post WW11 Australia; far more damaging to our culture and reality than involvement in the Vietnam Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. I contend that one should always be sensitive to local traditions before plonking one's self into any community, and you can see where I'd exempt myself as one example. If your idea is for example a B and B....seek local perceptions towards implementing of such change. A helpful and accepting community is a big help. If you have 5-10 children, look at the reality of their maintaining interest in where you go and perhaps importantly the availability of good theatre, music and good local 'people' and 'tradition' examples.

One of the most beautiful outlying areas is around Capertee...but I'd hope(just as an example) that your presence there would enhance the place, not have neighbours wanting to move out....In my view 'moving into' an area has more responsibility attached to it than just the money available to buy. Agents are 'there' to make money as rapidly as possible...they don't give a toss about what happens after the sale is completed, whatever your purpose, give real consideration to the community and neighbours even if it means forgoing a place you'd love.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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