How are the jobs up there? I have 2 boys aged 20 and 18 and will have to find work if we move here.

Also i would like to know about crime rate , what areas are good and not so good..??
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I’m going to philosophise here because the question is very appropriate but the answer not so ‘all embracing’ (see my earlier answer)…Last week Australia changed probably forever.
Much overall will depend on your childrens’ application and skillsets…and your good example.. Unfortunately the new order has taken over Australian Government approach to employment and my engineering society is obsessed with Robotics, not ethics or employment. I pity the present and future generations but the new order has them where they want them…confused, uncertain, depressed, listless, drugged by psychiatrists, doctors and dealers as well as low grade, psychiatrically damaging, ugly and lascivious entertainment….

Your best survival may be a place with ‘unrated’ potable water and where you can grow vegies…that’s not a mindless ‘greenie’ statement but a serious one. The regression of Australia in the last 30 years and especially in recent weeks is not just some event which arrived here by osmosis or planet alignment. It has been planned and orchestrated by the Bilderbergers and new order elements including our so called ‘leaders’…the ones who no longer answer letters or emails unless an occasional policy statement, not answering the questions, when questioning their actions, or lack of actions. These are the ‘leaders’ so called who want a ‘conscience vote’…..what??...with their captive and a-moral consciences….?
Look primarily in the serious Australian and state government surrender to china…including on mining Antarctica…..a Greg Hunt initiative some years ago, in my reading of events….and think through what’s happening. Look primarily to ‘how can we survive’ and ‘how can we be community yet maintain strength without it, avoid being forced into subservience if it becomes sucker bait for the new order’…as it so easily can happen ‘overnight’ as seen here recently.

Think of these things as your baseline for buying whatever happens it will serve you well. You have to, realistically, accept that with robotics alone, unemployment will grow to 40-70%, a deliberate goal, in your childrens’ lifetime unless we take control of our country again. That needs your protective morals to overcome the well-established patterns and presumptions of the last ten years, forced upon us by captive politicians. Julia Irwin told who they are and was denigrated.

Recent events are a warning of what it will be like under such globalisation fascism simply because of the misuse of the word ‘equality’ and the flypaper it became for the people with short vision or who do not understand marriage is not a ‘love club’ or ‘sexual exclusion zone’ and a particular endangering in grooming thousands of babies and adopted children. Already-proven by AFP discoveries the devious media has hidden to get its next news boost on the track.

Governments and media did nothing at all…not a peep, about the vicious and mendacious abuse of Margaret Court and Gerald Corbet to name but two…The depraved and disgusting actions taken against them and continuing to be …are what the new order styles, enforced by corrupt law, politics military and police. What was established here was agreement of Australian politicians to rule by mendacious and obsessed maniacs, their social media bullies, liars and propaganda spin. This is the way no,w of globalisation…rule by the pathological minority.

Ask what your children want, listen carefully. Explain changes which seem inevitable and ask them for their ideas. Discuss their rationality and how they will prepare for emerging change and enforced change. Find a way to discuss with them the neuroscience of change and ask them to consider what skills they see as being useful even if they are not excited about them. Ask them to exclude drug production, dealing using and tolerance as opportunity.

The brain gets uncomfortable when it has to move outside its ‘comfort-zone’ or when under Limbic control. They might look at commencing a tax deductable…even Council or Government grant attracting…...”Our Future” think tank or society. It’s amazing how much need there is for ‘odd jobs’ to be done at reasonable rates…Cleaning however has become a victim to multi culturalism…even with cleaners dressed like executives driving Benz’ stopping to clean houses with maybe $40 worth of gear….quite a rort and stopping needy Australians on each occasion from work one would think being born here gave them some prior entitlement…but it’s not like that anymore.

Look around for “need”, sort of perhaps like the old ‘bob-a-job’ scouts….but of course with a price suited t what the people can afford…and electricians and plumbers prices should not be charged by odd-jobbers. I have several trades as well as engineering but if I had my time again I’d do a carpentry trade or the one year course as TAFE if still running. One of the best carpentry work I ever saw was by a chap with that one year course. Some of the best in the world was done by my father at age 13 which won him State championships at that age…He became a Cabinet-maker French Polisher but in bad times I reckon carpentry is the best trade of all to have.

Talk with your boys, show good example with resilience and seeking work yourself. Have someone expert in ‘change’ discuss with them the neuroscience of change, the behaviour under Limbic control and the way to constructively handle enforced, opportune and emerging change. What you fear you cannot love…Encourage them into cost-light, fast pay enterprise. .management skills which may be useful in employment by others.

John Howard deliberately ruined Australian job security and the ‘market’ welcomed it, it put citizens under immediate and ongoing pressure to be relegated, delegated and readily dismissed under a situation of ‘powerless’ contracting. Housing prices which went berserk once women under rather insulting feminism entered the workforce in great numbers and traditional home-life was broken, quickly requiring a 2 income family to buy a home.

That again skyrocketed post-Howard, enabled and welcomed by all politicians…higher prices more tax….higher prices…more desperation in seeking work at any price…..They then allowed alien workers on the humbug that Aussies will not work.. well they would not work under the conditions entrepreneurial parasites, ticks and leeches offered but taken up by people on $14/week or $15/month in their homeland…then parasited by employment-agents over here…usually of their own race….for accommodation and food…now somewhat but not at all exposed. Irish lads and soviet bloc men also fell for it, not only Asians.

As I suggested your boys could commence a tax deductable "Think Tank” or “Society” Pty Ltd, for young people seeking ways of creating reliable work but I reckon it would be a really good idea to make serious enquiry of chamber of commerce and employment agencies…and keep in mind…robotics is not just entertainment….a huge slab of the workforce will become redundant. Unless robots are paid enough to cover pensions for the unemployed we will be ripe for the new order serfdom which is planned for us, under police and military control. As I said just look at recent events in Australia to see what suckers and moral/anthropological weaklings we have become. Think about these things in deciding where to go and that "Industry' will change with robotics and the presence of Industry cannot of itself, even with natural attrition, ensure work being available. ...think these things through and become proactive.

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