Top 5 things to do in Beechworth

Five of many reasons I moved to Beechworth. I love being able to indulge in these local beauties anytime I like!

1. Visit the Beechworth Bakery.
From the moment you mention Beechworth, the first reaction is usually, "You must visit the bakery!" I love the bottomless cups of tea and coffee and the pies. Of course the Bread is wonderful and there is always fantastic live music on Sunday's. Beechworth Bakery Quotes: "Our vision is to be the best destination Bakery in the world, with branches located in well-known destinations and tourist towns throughout Australia."
2. Go on the Beechworth Ghost Tours.
Located at 'The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum', the complex is now known as 'La Trobe at Beechworth' It was built during the height of Beechworth's gold rush period in 1867 and operated until it's closure in 1995. Great thing to do with the family, it can send chills down your spine! Beechworth Ghost Tours Quotes: "Listen to the ancient keys jingle as they unlock the doors of the past...ghostly tales that will entrap and astound even the hardiest of non-believers.
3. Visit The Beechworth Sweet Company.
Three whole shopfronts of lollies and sweets will enchant young and old. This is the kind of shop which is a kids dream come true, no one will forget a visit to the Beechworth sweet company. The handmade specialty chocolates are divine! Beechworth Sweet Company Quotes: "A Sweet Tooth's Dream, this store is filled with delicious mouth watering treats and sweets....."
4. Go to Beechworth Honey:
With so many different types of honey, its hard to just pick one to take home, so you can try them all and decide! My favorite is the 'Tasmanian Leather wood Honey' With a live bee display and a tour, Beechworth Honey is so much more than just a shop. Beechworth Honey Quotes: " Visit our concept store for the full Beechworth Honey Experience. See live bees up close, enjoy our free honey tour, taste amazing Australian honey and experience the passion."
5. Have a bite to eat at Tanswell's Commercial Hotel:
Tanswell’s Hotel is Beechworth’s oldest surviving hotel, dating back to 1852, originally built after gold was discovered. It had a great old world feel, and the food is fantastic. I usually go for the Angus Steak with mushroom gravy. The whole meal is delightful! Tanswell's Commercial Hotel Quotes: "Tanswell’s hotel has a proud focus on providing the best quality food and beverage offering in town"
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