Best suburbs with good public schools and average house price at 600K?

I am planning to move to Melbourne from USA. I have 3 kids (1 month, 2 years and 6.5 years). My primary criteria are,

1.) Good primary and secondary public schools
2.) Average house price is less than $600k
3.) Good parks
4.) Travel time to CBD should be under 1 hour

Any recommendations? I have shorted listed following suburbs.

1.) Caroline Springs
2.) Berwick
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Berwick Office May 25, 2018
Hi Chanaka,

We know we are biased - but we love Berwick! There are fantastic schools here, house prices have certainly been on the rise the past few years but have started to slow down a little bit in metro areas due to growth in more regional zones. You should still be able to find a beautiful home within your budget. There are so many fantastic parks all throughout the Berwick area! Travel time to the city is certainly more than an hour in peak times, but we do have the train line here and it is a little over an hour outside peak times.
If you do come to the area to have a look around, be sure to check out the shops on Main Street in Olde Berwick, take the kids to the Quarry Lake in Wilson Botanic Park and peruse the Akoonah Park Markets that are on Sundays.

All the best with the journey and exciting move!

The team at Biggin & Scott, Casey.
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