Best Street, Yorkeys Knob, QLD 4878

3.5(1 review)

Great for

  • Clean & green
  • Lack of traffic
  • Cost of living
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Peace and quiet

Not great for

  • Shopping options
  • Eating out
  • Medical facilities
  • Nightlife
  • Public transport

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families With Kids
  • Retirees

Reviews of Best Street, Yorkeys Knob

"Quiet neighbourhood with a good community spirit."

My block of units if perfect!
Adair st is a small, seldom used street. We are surrounded by bushland and are spoiled with wildlife. Just a stroll to the esplanade and beach. No traffic on the way to work. Local IGA for little groceries and bigger supermarkets only 5 min drive.

Don't be fooled by the beach. You can't swim in it really. You must swim inside the stinger nets. There is kite surfing daily down at the beach and it's great to watch.

Good hairdressers and Krokodillos is a great local restaurant. Although our street is quiet we do live right under the flight path and planes are low and regular.

Mould, ants and mozzies are a problem. But it's such a beautiful environment to live in that those things are excusable.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
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