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Ranked 1st best suburb in Far North

"Great suburb that is out of tourism spotlight"

- jimb10
Lovely suburb. Cool shops. Beach is uncrowded. Fantastic live music at resort on weekends. Older parts have lively big blocks and wide roads.
-16.7816285554854 145.684740188292


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Far North

"Life stye in the surrounding areas A beautiful part of the w..."

- robmac
Great place for families living a lifestyle enviroment plenty to see and do 25minutes to Cairns and beaches A number of talented artistes have their own co-operative shop The range road is not a m...
-16.7789357832726 145.596345862923


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Far North

"lovely suburb just 10 min to CBD"

- Paul24
Great spot for young families, safe and good community spirit. walking distance to Stockland shopping center and excellent value for money
-16.9473931108313 145.730574569832
Ranked 4th best suburb in Far North

"Unspoilt Paradise"

- lisah37
Loved every minute of living here. I visited Clifton Beach many years ago and loved the location I decided to seek work in Cairns just so I can relocate for a period of time. It had a blend of accomm...
-16.768599020575 145.671675251918


Ranked 5th best suburb in Far North

"Cairns's Best!"

- ConnarOO
Whitfield is the Best Place to live in Cairns! There are a lot of Shopping Options, Schooling Options & it is Close the International Airport! Whitfield is my 1st Preference to live in Cairns!
-16.90853 145.72662
Port Douglas
Ranked 6th best suburb in Far North

"Great place to live!"

- alisond8
We holiday every year in Port Douglas and finally found the right property at a very affordable price to buy (compared to Melbourne!). A lovely house, not extravagant, on an enormous 1500sqm block.......
-16.5171920453 145.4693689429
Ranked 7th best suburb in Far North

"'Beautiful beachside living'"

- tropicdayz
Love living at Holloways Beach, with the convenience of Cairns city only minutes away this friendly beachside village has all the necessities. Driving through the cane to reach the beach, you just can...
-16.8374577863673 145.73629540245


Ranked 8th best suburb in Far North

"Good Suburb if you want to live in Cairns"

- smithie
We moved here from the Gold Coast. Edmonton is a good place to be with the mountain back drop. The new Coles is fabulous and not crowded like other places. the medical centre completed in May is fanta...
-17.0224621193 145.750130699
Ranked 9th best suburb in Far North

"Quiet, friendly, and convenient"

- juliew21
I've been living in White Rock for many years now, and I love it. Most of our neighbours are friendly, and the area is very quiet. Our kids have lots of friends living close by and none of them have h...
-16.9838 145.7481


Ranked 10th best suburb in Far North

"Convenient and Friendly"

- caroh1
I live in Manunda and love the convenience of being so close to the city on a large block with friendly neighbours and a relaxed lifestyle. Claims of it being a dangerous crime ridden area are unfoun...
-16.9178901452928 145.75093760862


Ranked 11th best suburb in Far North

"Suburbia Close To The City"

- GaryHolloway
Westcourt is much maligned due to it's proximity to some of the so-called 'dodgy' areas of Cairns. But there are families and elder Australians who mainly live here and if it was such a bad area would...
-16.930673879672 145.750834049503


Ranked 12th best suburb in Far North

"Best place I've ever lived in Australia"

- stuw
Ignore the reviews moaning about Redlynch being too far out. If you've got a car everything you need is not too far away and easy to get to. This is an absolute gem of a place. If you love a quiet sub...
-16.9341930059806 145.687308819194
Ranked 13th best suburb in Far North

"HEAVEN on EARTH - Trinity Beach :)"

- DarGeo
Trinity Beach is such an amazing place... We fell in love with it almost immediately and decided that we had to spend some time and live there :) I can't explain what a nice feeling it is to see the b...
-16.7908505455161 145.696700179736


Ranked 14th best suburb in Far North

"Look before you listen. Theres some beaut places to live"

- alimac
Of course there are the exceptions to all law and order issues. In Dec 2010 the police did a major clean up of vagrants and petty crime people in Cairns. The results have been spectacular. About 15 pe...
-16.9161886512743 145.734176985913


Ranked 15th best suburb in Far North

"Central and peaceful and only 3km to the CBD, love it!"

- RS2011
I live in a lovely area called Heritage Village and have enjoyed it here for over 5 years now. The Village has a lovely family appeal with mainly an owner/occupier community, children play freely abou...
-16.9388565932825 145.73033902791


Ranked 16th best suburb in Far North

"The future growth in cairns"

- tabatha
Just the perfect location. And 100% agree about the Canopys Edge area although its more in the $600,000 - $800,000 price bracket. Really just the perfect location especially with the new casino at Yor...
-16.8294763316076 145.681094014894

Trinity Park

Ranked 17th best suburb in Far North

"Great Little Suburb"

- suzannes6
I live in the older part near the beach end. It is a very peaceful suburb and all of my neighbors are middle aged with families, they have always been very friendly and are always willing to lend a h...
-16.8067726724134 145.707541939326

Palm Cove

Ranked 18th best suburb in Far North

"Living in palmcove is amazing!"

- lee jones
People often remark that Palmcove has too many tourists, too many hotels and restaurant etc. However in reality who really wants to live in a dull boring soul destroying suburbicon ? In Palmcove you...
-16.7453537650264 145.667564480309

Cairns City

Ranked 19th best suburb in Far North

"Cairns living"

- suzies
Cairns has a population of over 155,000. The best thing about this town is our backyard has the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Heritage Park and also the Atherton Tablelands and Crater...
-16.9203311400486 145.77263132359


Ranked 20th best suburb in Far North

"An airconditioned paradise"

- chrisg5
Lived on the coast in Ingham for 18yrs (sorry could not wait it get out of that place) and always holidayed up in Atherton. Love the beautiful cool climate with, little hot muggy humidity of the coast...
-17.2740721158241 145.463510101203
-14.2896433059601 143.962237157697 5